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Zenkala is a jungle-themed area.

Kuat Ran's temple is located somewhere in the jungles of Zenkala where inhabitants serve a cruel and mysterious serpent god, called Kuat Ran.

Map[edit | edit source]

Important locations have been marked on the map.

Zenkala Map
Zenkala Map

Reputation Faction[edit | edit source]

Jungle Tribal Alliance.png The Jungle Tribal Alliance

An alliance of Oombari Warriors, Bellog Resistance Fighters, and Rebel Saurins, the Tribal Alliance works to end the Blackclaw Tribe's control over the southern jungles and restore peace to the region.

Elite Bosses[edit | edit source]

List of Elite Bosses in Zenkala
Name Location
Volcanic Wyvern Mining Sector 2
Stonescale Wyvern Tomb of Avarice
Thunder Wyvern Stonemoss Lake