Warlords Arena

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Combat in the Warlords Arena.
  • A 3vs3 PvP battlefield where the first faction to win 3 matches out of 5 is victorious.
  • Players cannot resurrect when they die, and they must wait until the round is over.
  • Players with similar stats are likely to be matched together.
  • Level Requirement: 28+

In Warlords Arena, two teams must fight until one side is completely eliminated in a deathmatch game mode.

How to play[edit | edit source]

You can apply for a match under the Matchmaking Menu's Arena category. You can apply solo or with a party of up to three players.

Warlords Arena UI
  1. Victory count for each faction.
  2. Current round number
  3. Time remaining in the current round

Preparing for Battle and Starting Battle
Waiting Area

  1. Once matchmaking is complete, players will enter the waiting room and stand theby until everyone has entered.
  2. After all players have entered the waiting area, 30 seconds will be given to prepare for battle.
  3. The waiting area's door will open once the round begins and players may now enter the arena.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

The first team to eliminate the opposing team wins a point for the round. Win 3 points out of 5 in rounds to obtain victory.

Suddendeath[edit | edit source]

Suddendeath enabled
Suddendeath enabled

If an equal number of players are still alive on both teams at the end of the 5-minute time limit, Sudden Death is activated. In Sudden Death the first team to lose a player loses the round. Sudden Death enabled is indicated under the scoreboard.

Surrender[edit | edit source]

You can vote for surrender starting from Round 3. If the majority of the team's players agree, the match ends as a defeat.

Surrender Warlords Arena

Not voting within the time limit is counted as disagreement.

Leaving early[edit | edit source]

You will not be able to join the matchmaking for Warlords Arena for a while if you leave the game while it is in progress.

The period during which you cannot join matchmaking will increase according to the number of times you have recently abandoned games.

This counter is reset every day.