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Warehouse is both character and account storage. Items in your Bag can be placed into either storage section. Personal storage is unique to every character, while account storage is viewable and accessible from any of your accounts characters. The amount of storage available can be increased in a variety of ways.

Access[edit | edit source]

To access your personal and account storage, you must go to a warehouse manager NPC. These NPCs are in every city and can be found by their unique icon on your minimap and world map when close enough or zoomed in far enough. There is also a warehouse manager at your Estate.

Items can be deposited and removed without limitation for uses.

Warehouse Manager NPC.png

Personal Storage[edit | edit source]

Just about any item in your inventory can go into personal storage. It can stay there as long as you want with no limitations on the item. If crafting materials are placed in personal storage, then they be used while crafting as if they were in your Bag. If materials are present in your Bag as well as personal storage, then their is no way to prefer one over the other.

Material Storage[edit | edit source]

Was added in Patch Ver 1.1.0. This tab can only hold items that are considered materials. Materials can still be placed in Personal or Account Storage, but this tab allows you to free up room in those storage containers. Starting out you have 50 slots that can be filled. These are items are only stored per character, so Account Storage is still the only way to move items between your multiple characters. Not every material can be put into Material Storage. Items like Stringy Meat and Ripe Fruit are not allowed to be stored. This includes most fruits and raw meats.

Account Storage[edit | edit source]

Account storage has more limitation than personal storage does. Only items that are tradable or account bound can be placed in account storage. Character bound and non-tradable items are not allowed. This is the only method to move items between characters on the same account.

Storage Space[edit | edit source]

The amount of storage available for a new account is 10 slots for personal storage and 8 slots for account storage. These can be increases with Account Storage Expansion Ticket and Storage Expansion Ticket. These will increase the available slots by 1 for each ticket, and only for their respective storage spaces. Storage Expansion Ticket will only increase personal storage, and Account Storage Expansion Ticket will only increase account storage. These tickets are available through Bless Pass, Lumena Shop, or through bundles available for purchase on the Steam and Official Store pages.

Increasing any storage type increases it for all of the accounts characters.