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The Varg were not always the fierce warriors they are today.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Contrary to their formidable looks, they were once a peaceful race content with dwelling in the solitude of the forests. They refused to engage with other races, lest they be forced to partake in their petty squabbles.

This changed with The Breaking. When the dimensional boundaries were wrenched open and shadowspawn poured from the Kannus Mountains, the varg watched in horror as their beloved forest homes were annihilated. The varg recklessly pushed into enemy formations, carving great swaths through the hordes of enemies with a ferocious disregard for their own survival. Blood dripping from their axes and swords, the varg as a race were altered forever.

Since that fateful victory, the varg have once again retreated into the quiet of their forests.

But their peace is watchful and their hearts wary, for that day is seared like a blight in their history.

They know now that peace is fragile, and goodness cannot fight back with its name untarnished.

They are now relentless champions of all that is good.