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Queen of Taming

Queen of Taming aka Julie has been playing Bless Unleashed since the first closed beta on XBOX in 2019. While everyone was busy working on reaching higher gear scores, she set her sights on taming the rarest animals in the game. Julie and her team (Fievel and Ninja) worked tirelessly to pave the way for future rare tamers. They would spend 19hrs a day and a few 24hr stake outs in different spots that were traded to them for what information they had. It became a common theme amongst the players to not only keep secrets but also to spread false information to steer people away from the actual spawns. Queen of Taming and her group worked hard to verify every lead they were given. Julie earned the title 'Queen of Taming' from the community who loved her for her efforts of joining Bless Unleashed streams, and posting on reddit to help people with taming. The entire time she was working on collecting all the rare spawning mounts to get the Prairie Decimator, she was openly helping the community. In May 2020 Julie posted her taming guide on reddit, and soon after it was hosted on The guide went on to garner 27,000+ views, and knowing how many people she helped makes her feel very proud. Julie unfortunately dealt with a lot of toxicity from people who asked her to give them the information personally (and it became darker than it ever should over a video game) and not to give it out publicly - sadly she still deals with this when she plays PC and XBOX today. She still loves the community and is always available to answer any and all questions about taming.