Unique Bosses

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Unique Bosses are advanced monsters that are harder than Elite Bosses. Unique Bosses are designed to be fought against with groups of players. They can each be found in their respective Major Locations within the open world.

Their health scales based on how many players are around them when engaging to fight.

List of Unique Bosses[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of Unique Bosses along with a map where you can find them, and their general location on said map.

Name Map Location Respawn Timer
Spider Queen Ruins of Tristezza Venommist Canverns
Cyclops Ruins of Tristezza Dimensional Rift
Grassland Giant Carzacor Ribus River
Harpy Queen Navarra Western Prairies
Bashal Gnoll Wastes Lake Azos
Osis Timeless Jungle Forgotten Marsh
Bone Dragon Kannus Montains Stonemist Hills