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There are three different unions in the Bless Unleashed.

Each Union you join grants you special benefits

Unions you are not a member of have a maximum Union Level of 1.

Unions are unlocked at level 15.

The Sentinels[edit | edit source]



Champions of Order

PvE Experts

Stalwart Allies

Union Skill:

Divine Intervention - Sacrifice half the user's HP to rescue all Near Death allies within a certain radius.

The Artisans' Society[edit | edit source]

Artisan's Society.png


Titans of Industry

Crafting and Gathering Experts

Merchant Adventurers

Union Skill:

Artful Disguise - Transform yourself into an object that matches the environment to hide and instantly recover 30% of your Max HP.

The Court of the Ravens[edit | edit source]

Court of the Ravens.png


Outlaws and Vigilantes

PvP Experts

Lone Assassins

Union Skill:

Heedless Assault - For a brief time, you cannot die from PvP attacks. You can heal yourself by killing other players while under the effect of the skill.