Touch of Syrania 3

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You obtain Touch of Syrania 3 by finishing Touch of Syrania 2 and learn the fisherman and Shabiki Spottedfin Puller's part of the Legend of Syrania. Unfortunately the Shabiki Spottedfin Puller is less than enthusiatic to provide you with the final part of the legend, so you must enlist help to raise their spirit and show your devotion and seriousness. Upon completing the fourth objective you will receive Legend of Syrania 3 document.

Quest Type[edit | edit source]

Blessing Quest Icon.png Blessing.

Objective[edit | edit source]

  • Find a way to persuade Shabiki Spottedfin Puller
  • Talk to Bard
  • Make Shabiki Spottedfin Puller hear Bard's song
  • Talk to Shabiki Spotted Puller
  • Go to Altar of Physera

Final Reward[edit | edit source]

Required Quest[edit | edit source]

Touch of Syrania 1
Touch of Syrania 2

Starts From[edit | edit source]

Fisherman on Ribus River Shore

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Part of quest chain to unlock Touch of Syrania Blessing.
  • Blessing type quests once finished will not appear in completed quests list