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Titles are cosmetic paragraphs that appear above character name. Titles show that the player has completed certain content.

There are currently 62 titles in game.

Rarity[edit | edit source]

There are 4 title rarity tiers, which are dynamic based on how how many players have that same title. The Percentage of playerbase can be seen on title interface.

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Very Rare

List of titles[edit | edit source]

List below will show name of the title and required trial to acquire the title. List will not show the rarity because it is dynamic and rare title today can be uncommon title tomorrow.

Name Required Trial
Adventurer Gutsy Greenhorn
Physera Fragment Living Legend
Explorer Follow the Wind
Firestarter Burning Brightly
Never Say Dye Living Kaleidoscope
Beast Master Multitudinous Menagerie
Treasure Hunter Wondrous Wealth
Detective Collecting's My Job
Combat Medic Angel of Mercy
Archivist All-knowing Archivist
Forged in Fire Master Blacksmith
Perfect Form Master Shaper
Head Chef Master Chef
Absolutely Enchanting Master Enchanter
Loves the Brew Master Alchemist
Adjunct Professor Graduated With Honors
Navarra Dull Moment Defender of the Desert
Caravan Leader Captain of Commerce
Bloodsworn Agent Count on This
Herbati Loves Me Honorary Warchief
Tactician Master Tactician
Egalitarian A Gruesome Collection
Eternal Warrior The Eternal Warrior
Executioner The Executioner
Kind of a Big Deal Don't You Know Who I Am?
Blood Dancer Hemophobiacs
Visionary The Eyes Have It
Make Bad Choices It Was Right There
Escape Artist This Prison Can't Hold Me
Don't Croak The Bellog Trifecta
Friends Forever Friends Forever
Monster Hunter Toppling Titans
Angry Mob Guardians of Lumios
Great Big Mouth Beloved by the Bellogs
Follow Me To Adventure Where To Next, Gang?
Lives for the Hunt Elite, Delete, Repeat
A Real Treasure Glittering Prizes
Helping Hand This is No Place to Die
Consummate Completionist Trial Triumph
Checklist Champion Trial By Fire
Learning the Ropes Trial Period
Hoarder Interdimensional Luggage
Enhanced Edition Enhanced Edition
The Pacifist Merciful Touch
Ride or Die Ride or Die
Gladiator Professional Gladiator
Dream Team None Can Stop Us!
MVP Birth of a Superstar!
Raised in a Barn Pen Pals
Part of the Pride The Mane Prize
Animal Rescue Can We Keep It?
Adventurer Archaeologist That Belongs in a Museum
Poseidon Tomorrow's Fishermen
100 cm Bless Fisherman 06
Lacustrine Professional Lake Fisherman
Upper River Professional Upstream river Fisherman
Lover River Professional Downstream River Fisherman
River Professional River Fisherman
Maritime Professional Ocean Fisherman
Fancy Footwork Drop the Beat
Stubborn Challenger I'm the Bully of This Alley!