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The story of Bless Unleashed begins in Telarion, an island located west of Lumios.

Telarion works as the tutorial area for the game which teaches the player basics of Bless Unleashed. Once the player leaves this area, it is permanently closed and unable to ever return.

One night, when a ship lost at sea got caught in a violent storm and the occupants were fighting to stay alive, a 17 year old girl among the occupants named Medea raised her gaze towards the sky and called upon Teleos, the god of charity and healing.
Her voice reached Teleos, who was touched by her indomitable spirit.
The winds slowed, and the storm clouds began to retreat as a protective shield casted by Teleos himself guided the ship to the shore of Telarion, which was at the time a nearly uninhabited island. The survivors later erected a lighthouse as a promise to Teleos, and built the Temple of Teleos where Medea was the founding High Priest.
The blessed Telarion was a neutral area, far away from all warring factions and territories.
It was a peaceful island with a mild climate that stressed the importance of harmony.
One day during the annual Teleos festival, a group of unknown magicians came and killed the High Priest.
With the shield protecting Telarion broken, evil creatures were summoned and the island became a place of massacre.

Story involvement[edit | edit source]

Once the tutorial is complete and Pyreborn escapes, the island has been told to be destroyed. Pyreborn learns about this from the boy called Giovanni after waking up at Marco's Farmstead.

"According to Don Diego, the island was completely wiped off from existence, so there were no bodies to find" - Giovanni Morta