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Star Seed is a currency that allows you to do a variety of things such as: instantly resurrect your character in a Near Death situation, and to transact items from other players Marketplace and the Limited-Time Merchant.

How to acquire Star Seeds[edit | edit source]

Star Seed Exchange Merchant[edit | edit source]

You can obtain Star Seeds by trading gold to NPCs with a Star Seed Exchange title above their head. The NPC named "Olvera", found in Carzacor, is one of the Star Seed Exchange NPCs you will come across during your journeys. Every major city has one Star Seed Exchange Merchant.

There is a limitation on how many times you can exchange Star Seeds per day. This limitation increases as your character progresses through the main campaign of the game. You can view your daily Star Seeds exchange count by looking at the top right-hand corner of your world map.

Level Gold required Star Seed gained 20% Bonus 40% Bonus Both Bonuses
5 150 100 120 140 160
11 1,500 900 1,080 1,260 1,440
16 7,600 4,000 4,800 5,600 6,400
21 14,200 6,000 7,200 8,400 9,600
26 31,200 8,000 9,600 11,200 12,800
30 56,500 11,000 13,200 15,400 17,600

So daily reset, at level thirty, a character can earn... 48,000ss (Both 20+40% per day) - 1,440,000ss per month (30days)

Boosters[edit | edit source]

Event increasing Star Seeds gained from Merchant
Event increasing Star Seeds gained from Merchant

Amount of Star Seeds gained from Merchant can be increased with two different kind of boosters:

  • Basic Star Seed Booster - Grants 20% increased Star Seeds.
  • Advanced Star Seed Booster - Grants 40% increased Star Seeds

Boosters come in variety of different lengths, from 1 Day to 30 days. 20% and 40% boosters can be stacked together for 60% boost. Duration does not stack, so one of each type can be used at once.

Events[edit | edit source]

Some in-game events also increase the Star Seeds gained from the Merchant for the duration of the event.

Marketplace[edit | edit source]

You may also obtain Star Seeds when your Item that was placed in the Marketplace has been bought by another Player.

NOTE: After listing an item for sale, simply wait until another player has purchased your item. Once your item has sold, you'll be notified to visit a mailbox in order to receive your payment.

How to use Star Seeds[edit | edit source]

  • Star Seeds can be used to revive instantly when your character is in a Near Death state. This method restores your character to full health, for limited times.
NOTE: The required amount of the Star Seeds to recover will increase the more you use it. The increases will reset once you choose the 'Resurrect at Soul Pyre' option.
  • Star Seeds are the currency used when making purchases in the Player Marketplace.
  • The Limited Time Merchant is an NPC that sells Enhancement and Upgrade Stones, Summoning Tickets, Skill Reset Tickets, and Repair Tools in exchange for Star Seeds and other currencies.
  • Star Seeds can be used to purchase access to a new Campaigns.
NOTE: You may purchase 'Repair Tools' from the Limited Time Merchant. This item helps you repair broken equipment, which will prove very valuable as you attempt to upgrade your gear.