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Sperios, also known as the City of Water or the City of Flowers, is the heart of the Federation.

It is the most extravagant and developed city in the southern continent.

Unlike other cities, Sperios has an internal teleportation system. Smaller, red poles called Metropolitan Telepost can be found next to every regular Telepost inside the city.

Map and key locations[edit | edit source]

Sperios map
Sperios map

Reputation faction[edit | edit source]

Unlike most zones, Sperios has more than just one reputation faction.

Great House Sorza[edit | edit source]

A federation of city-states centered around the Ribus River.

You can gain reputation by providing contributions and assistance to various regions and countries within the Federation.

Artisans[edit | edit source]

They are adventurers who seek novelty and wealth.

Only those who value adventure, coin, and acquisition of new technology above all else are worthy of wearing the title.

Sentinels[edit | edit source]

Sentinels are the sworn defenders of civilization.

Driven by duty, glory, or both, they specialize in hunting the deadliest monsters and delving into the most fearsome dungeons, risking their lives to keep the common folk of Lumios safe from harm.

Court of the Ravens[edit | edit source]

They walk with men in the shadows of society.

Those who will gladly commit any dishonorable act to achieve their mission or protect something even though it’s against social convention are allowed to enter this faction.

Unique Boss[edit | edit source]

List of Elite Bosses in Sperios
Name Location
Wolf King Verde Acres
Cool Banum East of Industrial District
Soulraiser Revenant North Sperios

Mutated Unique Boss[edit | edit source]

Twisted Void Soulraiser Revenant