Salvaging Items

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Salvaging is the process of turning unused items and equipment into crafting materials or resources. It requires no unlocks and can be done at any Soul Pyre.

Interacting with a Soul Pyre has a list of options, one of them being Salvaging. Once opened it will bring up a list of every item or equipment that can be salvaged. This does not include currently equipped gear. You can salvage items one at a time or you can select up to 20 at a time to salvage in mass. This process is all done at once and does not queue them up.

Not all items and equipment can be salvaged though.

There are three categories for salvaging.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Salvaging equipment can yield Artifact Cores (From B & A-Gear), Artifact Shards (from C-Gear), Alchemy Stones (from S- Gear) as well as uncommon and rare Armor/Weapon Fortification Stones. The results of the salvage are limited in what they can offer, but the amount and which materials you get is random.

Fish[edit | edit source]

Salvaging fish yields various pieces of the fish to use for cooking and alchemy. Every fish offers the chance to get a piece of belly, loin, scale, or fin. Rarer fish can yield roe, cheek meat, and pearls. Where the fish comes from will dictate the type of meat or parts. So a fish from the shore will be Ocean Fish Loin while a fish caught from a lake will be Lake Fish Loin.

Costume[edit | edit source]

Salvaging costumes yields materials needed to reroll bonus effects on other costumes.