Ruins of Tristezza

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Ruins of Tristezza.png

It’s always night in the mysterious Tristezza, where spirits who died but can’t sleep are suffering.

The inhabitants suffering in this bizarre environment are waiting for a savior to save them.

Map and key locations[edit | edit source]

Map below shows the most important key locations of Ruins of Tristezza: Names of locations, Teleposts and Soul Pyres.

Ruins of Tristezza map
Ruins of Tristezza map

Reputation faction[edit | edit source]

Count RossoThe Count Rosso.

Tristezza, ruled by Count Rosso.

The mysterious and reclusive Rosso family has ruled Tristezza for generations.

Their current patriarch, Mikael Rosso, now leads his people in an effort to rebuild after the terrible undead plague struck their lands, sheltering survivors within his ancient castle.

Elite Bosses[edit | edit source]

Ruins of Tristezza have three Elite bosses.

Name Location
Noxious Ghoul Outskirt of Tristezza
Black Knight Ruins of Sorrow
Revived Murderer Graybone Hill
Frost Giant Carzacor/Tristezza Path
Memory Eater Graybone Hill

Unique Boss[edit | edit source]

Ruins of Tristezza has two Unique Bosses.

The first Unique Boss of Ruins of Tristezza is called Cyclops.

Cyclops is located in Dimension Rift area of the zone.

The second Unique Boss is called Spider Queen.

Spider Queen is located in Venommist Caverns at the north-west part of Ruins of Tristezza.

Mutated Unique Boss[edit | edit source]

The first Mutated Unique Boss of Ruins of Tristezza is called Twisted Void Cyclops.

The second Mutated Unique Boss of Ruins of Trisetzza is called Twisted Void Spider Queen.