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Reputations are levels of influence within the various factions. The higher the Reputation the more benefits provided by said faction whom you've influenced through your successful questing habits. Factions will require specific quests to be performed solely meant to benefit themselves, and when completing faction quests one will gain experience toward raising the level of said faction that put the request out for help.

What are Factions?[edit | edit source]

Factions exist in specific regions, and your goal is to increase your reputation with each faction.

There are both PVP and regional factions.

PVP based Factions (Red Basin)[edit | edit source]

At the start of the game, you will be presented with two factions, "The Sen" and "The Vos’Elan".

The Sen[edit | edit source]

An ippin alliance that seeks to harness the energy contained within prana to power new weapons and technologies. They believe that there is no progress without risk, and that wielding prana is the Federation's best bet against the shadowspawn.

The Vos'Elan[edit | edit source]

An elven alliance dedicated to purifying prana and preventing its dangerous influence from corrupting the Federation. They hold the fall of the Old Empire as a warning of the terrible price that comes with chaos energy, and oppose its use at all costs

Regional Factions[edit | edit source]

These factions become available as you progress through the campaign and side quests.

Ordo University[edit | edit source]

Ordo University Crest.png

Standing in the center of Carzacor, this arcane college studies all manner of natural and magical phenomena. Its students can be found all over Lumios, risking their lives in the never-ending pursuit of knowledge.

The Kingdom of Navarra[edit | edit source]

The Kingdom of Navarra Crest.png

A proud and militaristic city-state, the desert kingdom of Navarra is home to the finest cavalry in the federation. Their young king, Rodrigo Casas, is distrustful of the federation government but his famous Navarran honor still bind him to his oaths of loyalty.

The Ardell Traders[edit | edit source]

The Ardell Traders Crest.png

A powerful network of desert traders and caravan leaders operating out of the Gnoll Wastes, led by the "Merchant Queen" Jacinda Ardell. The Ardell Traders hire and train veritable army of mercenaries to protect their trade routes, as well as the exotic goods they grant access to.

Count Rosso[edit | edit source]

Count Roso Crest.png

The mysterious and reclusive Rosso Family has ruled Tristezza for generations. Their current patriarch, Mikael Rosso, now leads his people in their effort to rebuild after the terrible undead plague that struck their lands, sheltering the survivors within his ancient castle.

The Herbati Tribes[edit | edit source]

The Herbati Tribes Crest.png

While technically part of the federation, the Herbati Tribes of the Kannus Mountains are largely self-governing, valuing their own code of honor above the southern kingdoms' laws and politics. These rugged mountain folk have survived the rise and fall of empires, and have little love for outsiders.

Jungle Tribal Alliance[edit | edit source]

Jungle Tribal Alliance Crest.png

Located in Zenkala.

Madaan[edit | edit source]

Madaan Crest.png

Located in the Ivory Dunes.

Reputation UI[edit | edit source]

Go to Menu(Esc) > Mastery & Reputation to view a list of reputations, your reputation level, and reputation points. Select the [Reputation] tab located at the top.
Reputation UI

  1. Faction Category (PVP based / Regional based)
  2. List of Factions
  3. Reputation Points
  4. Reputation Level for each Faction
  5. Reputation Points for each Faction

Reputation Level[edit | edit source]

Reputation Level Bar.png Reputation levels for each faction is determined based on the amount of reputation points.

Reputation levels are as follows.

  1. Neutral
  2. Friendly
  3. Honored
  4. Revered
  5. Exalted

Increasing Reputation Level[edit | edit source]

Obtain reputation points and rewards by completing repeatable quests in the region belonging to each faction. Reputation level can be raised by increasing reputation points.

Repeatable quests can be completed up to 3 times a day within the related major city.

However reputation points and rewards from repeatable quests can no longer be obtained once you have reached the Revered status with a faction. At that point, your reputation level can only be increased by completing prestige quests.

* You can increase your reputation level for the relative faction by obtaining reputation points from being victorious in the battlefield or arena.

Reputation Merchant[edit | edit source]

Reputation Merchant Overhead Icon

Special items (appearance cards, mounts, recipes, and dyes) unique to each regional faction can be purchased from Reputation Merchants located in each major city.

Players must reach the required minimum reputation level for each item before it can be purchased.

Reputation Merchants will have an icon over them that looks like a coin with a star in it like the image below.

(Carzacor) Ordo University Professional Trader
(Navarra) Kingdom of Navarra Professional Trader
(Ardell Traders in Gnoll Wastes)Ardell Traders Premium Merchant
(Rosso Castle in Ruins of Tristezza) Count Rosso Professional Trader
(Herbati Village in Kannus Mountains) Herbati Tribe Professional Trader
(Stonemoss Cave in Zenkala) Bellog Professional Trader
(Madaan Plaza in Ivory Dunes)Madaan Professional Trader