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Regional quests are quests that are spread around the map for all players to complete. Completing a regional quest can reward EXP, SXP, a piece of equipment or a chest, Regional Quest Trophies (Fishing regional quests only) and gold. Each regional quest has a transparent white circle/zone around the marker, to show where players can complete the quest. Mobs that spawned inside the zone but are defeated outside will still count towards the regional quest. Mobs that are required for quests will have an icon above them when the player is in the quest area. This icon disappears when the player is near to the mob. Things the player must interact with such as resources to collect or structures to build are highlighted by a yellow particle effect.

Once a quest is completed by a player, that quest will go on cooldown, for that player, until it is next reset, when the player can complete the quest again and receive new rewards. Each quest has a timer and will reset at the end of a set time if not completed.

Regional quests are split into seven categories:

Build Structures[edit | edit source]

Build Structures Icon .png

The Build Structures quests require the player to build or repair structures in a set area. Sometimes these quests may require the player to acquire certain materials to build the structure e.g. collect sticks to build campfires.

Defeat Boss[edit | edit source]

Defeat Boss Icon.png

The Defeat Boss quests require the player to defeat the specified field boss. These quests can have longer refresh times than other quests.

Destroy Supplies[edit | edit source]

Destroy Supplies Icon.png

The Destroy Supplies quests require the player to destroy a set amount of supplies in a certain area. These supplies will respawn after a short amount of time once destroyed. Destroying a supply which has respawned will count towards the overall total supplies destroyed.

Eliminate Monsters/Mobs[edit | edit source]

Eliminate Monsters Icon.png

The Eliminate Monsters quests require the player to defeat a certain amount of mobs. This can be only one type of mob, or multiple. Mobs will respawn after a short amount of time to ensure the player does not run out of mobs to complete the quest.

Eliminate Mobs Icon.png

The Eliminate Mobs quests are the same as the Eliminate Monsters quests, except the creatures you have to defeat aren't hostile to the player (indicated by a white name tag). These will have a different icon (the lower icon shown)

Fishing[edit | edit source]

Fishing Icon.png

The Fishing quests require the player to catch a specified fish in the area of the quest. The reward for fishing quests is usually Regional Quest Trophies, which can be used to buy fishing gear.

Gather Resources[edit | edit source]

Gather Resources Icon.png

The Gather Resources quests require the player to collect a specified resource in the quest area. The resource will respawn a short amount of time after being collected to ensure the player can complete the quest. The collected resources are not lost upon the completion of the quest.

Provide Aid[edit | edit source]

Provide Aid Quest Icon.png

The Provide Aid quests require the player to help injured or unwell NPCs. These NPCs are spread over the quest area and can be healed by being interacted with.

Livelihood[edit | edit source]

Livelihood Regional Quest Icon.png

The Livelihood quests do not become available or visible until you have unlocked the corresponding livelihood blessing. These are tied to Touch of Paetion, Touch of Baraka, and Touch of Teleos. The NPC's remain the same every day and they can only be turned in once per day. At reset the requirements will change if uncompleted and unaccepted. This is the only way to obtain breaths for Paetion, Baraka, and Teleos.