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Prestige Quests are weekly quests available for multiple regions that provide a large amount of reputation, items, and rewards. The quests are open ended allowing you to complete any 4 quests that match the provided type of quests for the week.

Prestige Quest Window.png

Unlocking[edit | edit source]

Prestige Quest Requirement Icon.png

To unlock the ability to start prestige quests, you must be at least level 25 and have completed the campaign quest Orfina's Reward. Requirements can be viewed at any major city by hovering over the region icon. This window becomes available upon reaching friendly reputation rank. Once unlocked their is no quest to accept, they are automaticly tracked and accepted, but will not appear in the quest log. When logging in to a character the prestige quests available will be displayed as a popup.

Once prestige quests are unlocked you will have access to the Carzacor, Navarra, Gnoll Wastes, and Tristezza prestige quests. Further regions are unlocked by progressing the campaign quests.

Quest Objective[edit | edit source]

Once unlocked hovering over the region icon will now show 4 types of regional quests under quest objective. These are chosen are random, but only include regional quests types that can appear in that region. However it does not require that they all be currently available. You may have two provide aid type quest icons and only one is currently available in the region. Moving the cursor to a region and zooming in will also display the current quest objectives and the region icon in the top left corner while you are centered in that region on the map.

If the regional quests are not currently available or you do not like them, you can hover over the region icon in the main city and hold "F" to reset the objectives. This will automatically deduct 4,000 Star Seeds each time you do it. The reset will randomly assign four new quest objectives. If one, two, or three objectives have been completed, then resetting will only change the uncompleted quest objectives and you will retain the completed ones. Hovering over the region icon in the city will display time remaining until the quest is reset.

Turn In[edit | edit source]

Once all four quest objectives are complete, the quest can be turned in to an NPC in each regions main city. The location is exactly where the region icon is in the main cities. Some turn in NPCs are the regions repeatable quest NPC, others are completely unmarked. When you interact with the NPC it will give you an option to turn in the prestige quest if multiple quests or options are available.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Completing a prestige quests is rewarded with a chest named for the region, as well as 1,750 reputation for that region. Each chest has items for your class, as well some standard items and each region has a few unique rewards in their boxes.

Repeatable[edit | edit source]

Repeatable Quest Window.png

Once a prestige quest is turned in, it will change over to a repeatable quest until the weekly reset. The repeatable version is slightly different. You will still be given 4 regional quest types as quest objectives, but only 2 of them need to be completed to earn a reward. The repeatable version will automatically deposit the reward into your bag and does not require going to an NPC to turn in the quest. The rewards are also different. The repeatable reward chest does not contain gear or rare rewards like mounts. The reputation reward is significantly lowered as well to 30 reputation for the region.

The quest objectives can still be forcefully reset for 4,000 Star Seeds, but the quest objectives reset during the daily reset time. Because it is a repeatable quest, it does keep the limitation of only be completed three times per day. This limitation is reset every day. Determining if a region has a prestige or repeatable prestige quest available is quite easy. If the full prestige quest is available, then the city will have a shield type icon and the quest objectives and region icon shield will be in the top left corner of the world map when in that region. If their are no quest objectives there and the icon in the city is a circle with arrows around it, that is a repeatable version.

Regions[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

  • Patch Ver 1.1.0 changed the turn in NPC's for Navarra and Gnoll Wastes, this page reflects the current turn in NPCs.