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Bless Unleashed PC Patch Version 1.0.11 build (2021-09-30 02:06:33) was released on September 30th, 2021. Following are the official patch notes posted on the Bless Unleashed PC website.[1]


Greetings Adventurers,

A server patch was performed at around September 30th, 4:00PM (PDT) / October 1st, 1:00AM (CEST) as a response to issues found in the current game version.

Please check out the details below.


■ Patch Notes

- Removed the required quest for the Marketplace.
- You will now see the description that says that Marketplace is accessible from Lv.27 when entering the Marketplace.
- Improved so that the listing fee of Marketplace will be returned when items are sold.
- When an item is sold, the listing fee will be returned via the Mail of selling item as an attachment.
- If multiple items are registered, the listing fee will be returned when all the items are sold.

- Increased the maximum amount of Victory Tokens from 30,000 to 300,000.
- Lowered the required Reputation level for purchasing equipment at Sen/Vos'Elan Equipment Merchant NPC.
- Changed the tier rank of the item from Sen/Vos'Elan Equipment Merchant NPC from B to A. Also, advanced the item options for A rank.
- For those players who previously purchased the equipment, they can exchange the used Victory Tokens at Sen/Vos'Elan Equipment Merchant NPC for one time only. The exchange is available by the next maintenance.

- Changed the quest objective of the Navarra Campaign quest, "In Service of the Crown", and the Blessing quest of “The Lionheart” from “Defeating the Harpy Queen” to “Defeating the trio near Navarran Military Camp”.
- Changed the quest objective of “Touch of Syrania 1” from “Splendid Alfonsino” to “Yellow Chromis”.
- Changed the quest objective of the Gnoll Wastes Campaign quest, “The Queen's Prophecy”, from “Defeating Gnoll in the Gnoll Triumvirate” to “Defeating the Stone Zephyr”.



■ Fixed Bug
- Fixed a bug where Berserker’s Charge skill cannot be used while the “Autocasting: Hold” is not activated.

- Fixed a bug where the damage of some poison of Spider Queen and Twisted Void Spider Queen is not applied. Also, fixed so that the poison gives the proportional damage to the maximum HP and can break the Priest’s Protective Shield.
- Fixed a bug where after defeating Stone Zephyr, the sound still remains until the corpse disappears.

- Fixed a bug where the bound setting is not displayed on the “Card: Vampire” costume item.
- Changed so that the “Card: Dreadnight Festival” costume item cannot be registered in the Marketplace.
  * If registered in the Marketplace before maintenance, it can be traded.

- Fixed the incorrectly applied effect of the 'Blossom Festival Tree' Lv.3 from “Production Speed Boost” to “Increases SXP Gain”.
- Improved so that the cooldown of rewards can be checked in the Dungeon list of the Matchmaking menu.

- Fixed an issue where if a higher damage than the remaining HP of the target monster is inflicted while taming, only 1 HP remains.

We will continue to do our best in providing the best gameplay experience.
This announcement will be updated, or a new announcement will be made if additional updates are available.

Thank you.