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Navarra lies on the outskirts of the Gnoll Wastes, to the west of Carzacor.

This desert city relies on trade with Carzacor to survive, and its horses are known to be the best mounts on the continent.

Location of Soul Pyres, Teleposts, and Key Places[edit | edit source]

Key locations of Navarra.
Key locations of Navarra.

Reputation Faction[edit | edit source]

Kingdom of Navarra The Kingdom of Navarra.

A royal family of the war-torn kingdom of Navarra.

A proud and militaristic city-state, the desert kingdom of Navarra is home to the finest cavalry in the Federation.

Their young king, Rodrigo Casas, is distrustful of the Federation government—but his famous Navarran honor still binds him to his oaths of loyalty.

Elite Bosses[edit | edit source]

List of Elite Bosses in Navarra
Name Location
Sunpiercer Barrens near Navarran Military Camp.
Dustwind Bandit Champion Small oasis near Navarran Military Camp.
Stone Zephyr Near the entrance of Outlaw Fortress.
Taroc Northwest of Navarra Gate
Vavrung West of Ragemane Territory
Akasha Western Prairies

Unique Boss[edit | edit source]

Unique Boss of Navarra is the Harpy Queen.

Location:  Western Prairies

Mutated Unique Boss[edit | edit source]

Twisted Void Harpy Queen.