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Marketplace is trading system where players can trade their items between each other. There is no other way to move items between other players.

Marketplace NPCs can be found in most major cities. Most of the items in-game can be sold. If items can not be sold on marketplace, it will have visual "Item can not be traded" text when viewed. The marketplace has placeholders for almost every item in the game. This includes non-tradable items as well. Weapons and Armor listings will sometimes have ranges on them if an effect has a random range assigned to it on craft/drop. Once the item is selected then it will show the exact ones that are currently available

Unlocking[edit | edit source]

The Marketplace is viewable at level 1, however you cannot make any sales or purchases until several criteria are met.

Once they are met you will have first stage access to the Marketplace which allows you to participate, but has a daily limit of 10 purchases, 10 sales, with a total of star seeds for each being 100,000. These limits reset daily. As progression is made then it will unlock new stages that allow more sales, purchases, and star seed limits. Their is still a limit of 20 items that can be up for sale at once. None of stages limits what items are available or purchasable, only the total amount and star seed values.

Once the Marketplace is unlocked you can see your current limits and how many are left in the top right corner of the Marketplace screen.

Stage Unlocks[edit | edit source]

  • Stage 2: 20 Sale, 20 Purchases, spend/gain 500,000 Star Seeds for buying and selling each
  • Stage 3: 30 Sales, 30 Purchases, spend/gain 3,000,000 Star Seeds for buying and selling each
  • Stage 4: 40 Sales, 40 Purchases, spend/gain 10,000,000 Star Seeds for buying and selling each
  • Stage 5: Unlimited sales and puchases, spend/gain unlimited amount of Star Seeds

Functions[edit | edit source]

Player can choose to either browse items that has been listed by sellers or choose to sell their own items. It is currently not possible to create buy-orders.

Everything sold through Marketplace will have tax of -15% + 3% listing fee. There is a delay between listing an item and it appearing on marketplace.

Only three of the lowest prices of each item is shown. Once they have been bought, more expensive options appear.

If item is not sold in two days, it will be returned back to seller through mail. Listing fee will not be refunded if sale does not go through.

Favorite[edit | edit source]

You can usually only view the Marketplace at a Marketplace NPC, but you can see current sales and prices for up to two items anywhere you are. This is called the Favorite/Marketplace Map Marker system. While at a Marketplace you mark any item as a favorite by pressing (X) on controller or (F) with the keyboard. You can only mark two items as favorites. Once they have been registered, you can open the main menu, and select the Marketplace Map Marker in the lower options. This will show any item you marked, as well as how many are on sale currently, and a Recent Average Trade Price for the past 4 days.

Their is no limit on changing favorites outside of only tracking two at a time. They can removed anywhere, but they can only be added while at a Marketplace NPC.

Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Marketplace will only show three lowest costing options under every item. This does not affect equipment.
  • As of Patch Ver 1.0.9, to use the Marketplace requires level 27. The in game text has not been updated to reflect this yet.
  • As of Patch 1.0.11, the in game text has been updated to state it "is accessible starting from Level 27."
  • As of Patch Ver 1.0.12, the Marketplace requirement has been changed to a progressive system. This is current final implementation.