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Mail is a system from the developers to send players items. These can be sales from the Marketplace, returns from the Marketplace, compensation for maintenance, real world campaigns, etc. Other games allow mail to sent between other players, but in Bless Unleashed that is not the case. It is only for the game systems or developers to send you mail.

Unlocking[edit | edit source]

When starting the game, the first time you can access a mail box is when you reach Marco's Farmstead after the tutorial and introduction island. At the edge of the fence before reaching the field of wolves is a mail box.

Access[edit | edit source]

Mail Box.png

Mail can only be accessed at a mail box. These are physical objects that you must go to to view your mail. Once the attachments have been received then it will have a countdown to when the message will be automatically removed. For Marketplace sales or returns, this time period is 30 days. You can still see the text and the sale amount or returned item in the mail. Compensation or item delivery mail tends to vary from very long time period to very short.

Notification[edit | edit source]

Mail Notification Icon.png

You will know when new mail has arrived via a mail icon next to your minimap. The number in red indicates how many pieces of unread mail you have. Once you access your mail box after the notification has appeared, it will disappear automatically regardless if you have marked all the messages as read or not.

General[edit | edit source]

Their are several controls that allow you to delete a piece of mail, delete all your mail, or filter and sort your mail. By default the mailbox is set to list all mail by descending date. If mail is manually deleted it will appear in the Trash tab. Once it is there it will be automatically removed in 24 hours. You can also restore mail before that time period runs out, or delete it permanently before then. Deleting individual mail has no confirmation prompt. Mass delete does not either, but will bring up a message that states all read mail has been moved to the Trash tab.

Any Trials with item rewards will usually be mailed to you upon completing said trial.

When the Fishing Competition ends every week, the rewards you qualify for will be mailed to you.

Should you not claim all of your unlocked attendence rewards under attendance streak before daily/weekly reset, then they will be automatically mailed to you.

Mail boxes will appear on your minimap and world map should you be close enough or zoomed in far enough. They are in all the cites, usually close to the Marketplace NPC's, and they are in larger settlements in the world.

It is currently unknown if a cap exists on how many messages can be stored in the mail box.

When scrolling through messages, the most recent are quickly viewed, but to scroll back further requires you to scroll until it stops, wait a second, then scroll down some more. This is most likely a technical limitation in the system, but it can give the impression that all of your mail is not present.