Mage Class Skills

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Amplify[edit | edit source]

Consumes all Mana Crystals to increase Critical Hit Rate +100% of Max Mana for 6 sec, with each consumed Mana Crystal increasing the duration by an additional 0.5 sec and the Mage's Attack Power +2%. However, the user's Defense is decreased -50% during this time.

This skill does not break combos.

Cooldown: 40 sec

Concentrate[edit | edit source]

Channel magical energies to recover Mana. Continuing to use this skill even when your Mana is full can overcharge your Mana up to 150%. Can be used while walking.

Generates 120 Mana over time.

Arcane Barrage[edit | edit source]

Consumes all Mana Crystals to unleash a furious barrage of arcane bolts at enemies. This skill deals more damage for each Mana Crystal Consumed.

You can control the direction of the attack while the arcane bolts last.

Mana Cost: 500

Cooldown: 60 sec

Energy Steal[edit | edit source]

Every successful Arcane Barrage hit restores mana. Reduces Arcane Barrage cooldown -10 sec.

Fortify[edit | edit source]

The user's Defense is greatly increased while Arcane Barrage is maintained.

Frost Armor[edit | edit source]

Increases the user's Defense +70% for 5 sec after Frost Shield's effect is over.

Frost Shield[edit | edit source]

Summons an icy shield to protect you from damage for up to 7 sec. While holding this skill, you cannot move or attack. While this skill is in effect, nearby enemies are damaged and slowed down.

This skill does not block strong boss attacks.

Cooldown: 50 sec

Hibernal Regeneration[edit | edit source]

Using Frost Shield consumes all Mana Crystals, restoring 4% of your Max HP for each Mana Crystal consumed (Max 40%).

Mana Conduit[edit | edit source]

Increases your Movement Speed while using Concentrate. in addition, whenever you reach 10 Mana Crystals, all Crystals are immediately consumed to restore 50 Mana per sec for 30 sec.

Note: This passive only applies if Concentrate is assigned as your other class skill.

Time Distortion[edit | edit source]

Using Amplify reduces active skill cooldowns -2.5% for each Mana Crystal consumed (Max 25%).