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Lumena is a currency in Bless Unleashed. This currency can only be obtained by spending real money. It can be purchased from the official store and will be delivered to your premium inventory, which can be accessed from the Bag option in the Main Menu, or in the Lumena Shop interface on the Main Menu. Because this currency involves real money it has certain stipulations and restrictions that can viewed on the official store page for each amount. These restrictions and stipulations will vary by country/territory.

Uses[edit | edit source]

This currency is exclusively used to purchase items in the Lumena Shop as well as Superior Bless Breath cards at the Ancient Altar.

Acquiring[edit | edit source]

This currency can only be acquired by spending real money.

  • It can be purchased in lump sums from the Official Store
  • It is included with several bundles available from Steam and the official store
  • It is a reward for the Loyalty Program
  • It is part of Premium Benefits where you receive 50 Lumena each day for the duration of your premium benefits.
  • It is part of Premium Benefits subscription as a lump sum on purchase

Note[edit | edit source]

Accessing the official store requires you to be logged into the game. In the Lumena Shop selecting something that requires more Lumena than you currently possess will open the page to buy Lumena in your default web browser. From there you can buy Lumena in lump sums, or view any other purchasable items for real money. This page has a token for your account, so it cannot be accessed otherwise or saved and accessed later outside the game.

It is possible to access the steam page which has several bundles available without an account, but purchases will require logging into your steam account.