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The ippin race has the shortest history in Lumios. Many technologies were brought by the ippin, including the compass, steam engines, and airships. They were even the first to gaze up and map the stars, measuring the movement of the heavens to aid in navigation.

The ippin have fully integrated into society on Lumios, and have found their place in overseeing the banks and treasuries of the world. Using their gifts, they also play a key role in advancing technology and managing the finances of various governments on the continent.

Lore[edit | edit source]

The early elves suggest that the ippin were the last to appear on Lumios. According to ancient texts, the ippin first arrived on Lumios when their airship crash-landed on the continent at some point during the Second Tribal War. Immediately after the crash, the ippin explorers destroyed all written records of their homeland to ensure its security. Without writings, the stories told faded and the knowledge of their homeland has since been lost even to the ippin themselves.

The ippin were lucky to land in Lumios in the midst of a war as their arrival was dismissed with more pressing matters on the minds of the other races. They were an agreeable race, eager to share their views and technology which allowed them to integrate into the various societies on Lumios quickly with ease.