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Humans are the most adaptable and populous in the world of Lumios. The human race excels at surviving in the harsh world around them.

Lore[edit | edit source]

THE TRIBAL WARS[edit | edit source]

According to elven historical texts, humans first appeared on Lumios near what is now Carzacor. At the time, it was an area inhabited by tribes of orcs who were distrustful and killed any human they saw to defend their land.

Over time the orcs realized that the humans were not a threat, and what was once a matter of life and death turned into a sport as the orcs purposely sought out solo or small groups of humans. Finding safety in numbers, the ever adaptable humans quickly banded together. However orc hunting parties continued to expand in size as they were used to their blood sport and unable to give up their prey. As a result, human groups also continued to grow, continuing the cycle between the hunter and the hunted. Looking for a new and better way to defend themselves, the humans began to build fortifications, which led to the first human cities.

The human cities became defensible strongholds, allowing them to establish themselves in the area. Safe behind their walls, the humans prospered and soon their population outgrew that of the orcs. With their superior numbers, the humans drove out the orcs from their lands.

With the threat of the orcs dealt with, the humans thrived for a short while. As young races are known to do, they soon began to squabble amongst themselves, leading to the Second Tribal War. This time however, it was the human tribes who fought and conquered each other.

The victors founded the first human states, but the warring continued until only one remained and became what is now know as the Old Empire. This brought an end to what is now referred to as “The Dark Age” by modern human scholars.

THE OLD EMPIRE[edit | edit source]

Ever resourceful, the humans of this war-united nation dramatically expanded their empire by creating expansive roads, waterways, and trading hubs. Trade flourished between the races, and the humans learned magic from the ancient elves while teaching them techniques for human infrastructure. Grain and drink was also traded with the vargs for luxurious furs and tasty meats.

THE NIGHTSPIRE[edit | edit source]

Humanity's competitive nature was its biggest strength and weakness. The chaotic and warring nature of humankind continued even while they flourished across Lumios. As time went on, the human mages sought more and more power, eventually discovering what they thought may be an avenue to greater power through magic the elves had long since forbidden.

At the Nightspire, a group of human mages known as the Savantis tried to open a gate to another dimension using new magic they did not understand. However their attempts went horribly wrong and massive earthquakes shook the land while an army of nightmare creatures escaped into the world, wreaking havoc as they went. In the end, the Old Empire collapsed into ruin, and this event would become known to most as “The Breaking”.