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This guide is about how to get Rare Tames in Bless Unleashed and unlock the Prairie Decimator by Queen of Taming. Originally guide was written for Pyreborn website (Now shutdown).

Just a reminder that you will not be able to tame until you have unlocked your Estate (somewhere around level 22-25ish if you're concentrating on completing the story line) and finish the Estate Quest line. This quest is very short and you will know you are nearly there when the NPC asks you to go out and catch an animal. I chose a crocodile (which unfortunately can't be a mount, but it was an easy place to go to get a tame).

If you follow me on Reddit you will know that it has taken my team (Fievel, and Ninja) and I over 3 months of dedicated, daily work on putting this together. I had originally shared this on the Bless Unleashed Console Reddit over a year ago so that everyone had the chance to tame these elusive mounts and I'm sharing it again on here to make it more easily accessible for the new PC players. This guide explains the rare tame mechanics, including their spawn times and locations, as well as how to tame using a trap.

Rare Tames[edit | edit source]

Unlike "regular" tames, which come from almost any animal on the map and can be tamed (only what you see in the stable), there are only six rare tames. These tames are even more limited as they have five fixed spawns each at which only one animal spawns per channel every set interval. This interval varies per tame as per below.

Name Interval
Giant Panda 6 hours
Moonwind Lioness 6 hours
Goldenwave Ordia 12 hours
Razortusk 12 hours
Crimson Pillager 24 hours
Ghost Stag 24 hours

When actively aiming to tame a rare animal, it is important to know when the last animal was tamed (or killed) to know when the next spawn will be.

Spawn Timers[edit | edit source]

Maintenance sets the stage for the week. Rare tames will spawn as soon as the server is up and that is your best chance to get a tame. For this reason, this is the most popular time for players to go hunting and tames will often get snatched within minutes.

They will respawn again at 6/12/24 hours after their captured time so make sure to keep track of these times! The despawn timer lasts 30 minutes so for every respawn you miss there is an additional 30 minute window added on to the next respawn - though usually these are rarely delayed by over 20 minutes due to popularity. It is possible for the developers to bring the server up before it is available to the public which gives tames a chance to despawn before you're able to log on. Once the servers go down for maintenance, keep a watchful eye on the prompt that pops up when you try to get into the server. It says "No servers are available." Keep trying to get in, and eventually the message will change to say "You can't connect to the servers at this time, please try again later or contact customer service." It doesn't say exactly that, but it changes to a longer prompt than just the one line one. The second that pops up, write that time down. I call this the server up time. This is VERY important for figuring out the spawn times for the entire week. This time, is the time all the rares spawn. If the server lets you in within 30 minutes of that time, the rares will still be up. If not, then the rares will have despawned and you will see them 6/12/24 hours from 30 minutes after the server up time. Note that servers are usually up before the players are notified by social media, so you may have an advantage if you persistently try to log back on until it lets you in. Additionally, while tames usually spawn exactly 6/12/24 hours after their last capture/kill. Do yourself a favor and find a team with like-minded goals, and make notes. Write down the times you see each channel spawn even if they aren't caught by you or your team. The more communication the better. It isn't impossible for solo players, but it is easier with a team because you can watch more than one spawn location at a time.

Spawn Locations[edit | edit source]

This map has all 30 spawn locations - 5 spawns per tame. Upon each interval reset the rare will spawn at one of the five possible locations, with each channel getting one spawn.

Verified spawn locations for all 30 Rare Tames

Look through the below for specific spawn locations. On the left is a picture of me on the mount, in the exact place the animal spawns. On the right is a picture of the spawn on the map so you can double check that you are in the right place.

Rare Taming locations Crimsom Pillager.png
Rare Taming locations Ghost Stag.png
Rare Taming locations Razortusk.png
Rare Taming locations Goldenwave Ordia.png
Rare Taming locations Giant Panda.png
Rare Taming locations Moonwind Lioness.png

Taming Process[edit | edit source]

Now that you know where and when to tame, if you're lucky enough to be at the location of the spawn you should know how to tame it. Unlike regular tames, you don't beat rares into submission. If you see someone doing this, chances are they want to kill it purely so you can't tame it.

If you go to a Mount Merchant, where you usually buy whistles/calls, you are able to purchase the Rare Species Trap. If a Rare tame steps on this trap, a popup will show on the screen giving you 10 seconds to begin the QTE (Quick Time Event); this is slightly more difficult than with normal tames. The animal then goes to your Animal Pen in your Estate in much the same way as with regular tames, with a chance to either be Livestock to be turned into resources or a mount that produces its Mount Card. So don't get too excited about your first rare tame as chances are it won't be a mount... Livestock cannot and will never become a mount.

Anyhow, in order for the rare to step into the Rare Species Trap you will need to herd it. Think of it like mini golf. Put down your trap, go behind the rare and hit it and it will run in the direction you are aimed in. If it misses the trap, don't worry just go behind it again and look in the direction of the trap and hit it again. The rare remains docile and just walks around, unless you hit it - then it runs. For example, in Pyreborn's video below, the Panda stopped sprinting after the first run (Xbox didn't record that run) and then started walking again despite how close he stood:

I hope this guide makes it easier for you to try get the tame you've always wanted!

Remember that these spawns will often times be monopolized, so if you keep getting PK'ed at spawns you can buy the PvP protection scroll known as the Declaration of Peace that lasts for 1 hour from the Lumena shop. If you manage to get all 6 rare mounts, you will be rewarded with the legendary Prairie Decimator

Prairie Decimator Mount.png