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Guide: Crescent moon priest (Full support build)[edit | edit source]

Change log[edit | edit source]

v1: 26th Oct 2021

Basic information

Introduction[edit | edit source]

My name is FirstTry from BloodyKnights guild in South East Asia (SEA) server. Priest population, especially support build is very rare on SEA server. Therefore, I would like to make this guide to help the fellow priest have a general view on what is like to be a support priest. This build strongly focuses on survival in which you can leisurely heal your teammate while taking hit (Basically is a portable healing pot and meatshield).

Why should I choose Crescent Moon?[edit | edit source]

Valor: Damage focus[edit | edit source]

  • Pros: Jack of all trade, can solo most of the content, arguably one of the best priest for PvP.
  • Cons: Low healing capacity, critical damage equipment is expensive

Wolf: Damage focus[edit | edit source]

  • Pros: Can solo most of the content, is the most popular thanks to early speed leveling, can do PvP.
  • Cons: Need to upgrade the blessing to a certain level to be useful, hard to maintain the shield, critical damage equipment and blessing is expensive

Lionheart: Healing + damage[edit | edit source]

  • Pros: Balance between healing and damage, can deal damage in dungeon while support
  • Cons: Not very useful at certain dungeons where you need healing without hitting the boss, blessing is expensive

Crescent moon: Healing focus[edit | edit source]

  • Pros: Active healing, cheap blessing, don't need high stat gears to feel comfortable in dungeon.
  • Cons: Low damage, slow to progress at early level (main reason that many people quit)

Blessing priority[edit | edit source]


Wave of punishment: Enable the number of times you can use healing wave. Hitting enemies with smite skills decreases the CD of healing wave -5 sec.

This is for main healing passive, Maxing out help you to cheese all dungeons.


Warrior of the moon: Increase the damage of smite-type combo and skills and defense penetration.

Upgrade early for easier PvE life (quests and bosses). Until purple breaths would be enough.


Eruption: Hitting enemies give eruption stacks. Consume stacks to increase the HP recovery of healing wave.

Add extra healing to healing wave. Upgrade when you have excess breaths.


Overflow: Using healing skill give overflow stacks. Consume stacks to increase Divine strike damage.

Least priority because mostly you don't need to heal before dealing damage to enemies. The increase damage is quite small. Only upgrade when you have excess breaths.


  1. Healing wave is an AoE healing skill which can heal you and your teammates at the same time. At max Wave of punishment, you have 3 charges of healing wave. With Judgement, I usually never use all 3 charges before the CD.
  2. You may want to upgrade Warrior of the moon prior to Wave of Punishment at low level to do regional quests easier.

Skill selection[edit | edit source]

Being a priest means you need damage skills for daily quests and support skills for dungeon. Overall, dps skills should be at least level 20 for faster grinding; meanwhile, healing skills can be kept at lower level because in this game people have to learn to dodge a lot.

Below level 35: Focus on dps skills[edit | edit source]

Mostly you will only do regional quests and grind skill points. Moreover, there are high level players that can carry you through the low level dungeon by matching. Therefore, self-sustain dps skills are the priority. Crescent moon passive increases the damage of Smite-type skill; hence, I recommend Blades of Contribution and Divine Strike as your main dps skills. Try to upgrade one skill to reach skill level 5, 10, 15, etc. first before switching to other skill because there is a bonus every 5 levels which can be found in the Priest Combat Skill section.

  • Blades of Contribution: Your main AoE damage skill with fast CD, unlimited targets. Recommendation: at least level 20.
  • Divine Strike: Second main AoE damage skill, unlimited targets, can hit 2 - 3 times on bosses. Recommendation: at least level 20.
  • Holy Flame: Single dps skill, extra damage for bosses or finishing left over monster from the 2 AoE above. Recommendation: level 10.
  • Healing sphere: Main healing skill at low level, low blessing. Recommendation: level 10
  • Healing wave: Low healing power at low level. Recommendation: level 5
  • Retribution: Optional because it is not Smite-type skill so the damage is much lower than the 2 AoE skills above, can switch with Holy Flame if you want more AoE skill, only 3 targets. Recommendation: level 5 or 10

Level 35 - 42: Focus on support skills[edit | edit source]

This is the time that you would want to upgrade your gears and do lots of dungeon; therefore, investment in support skills are more valuable.

  • Judgement: Life steal debuff, this is the reason your teammates love you. The life steal percent is peak at level 10, further upgrade only decrease the CD. Recommendation: Level 10
  • Sacred ground: Best attack power buff of the game. Recommendation: Level 5 or level 8 and use +2 skill glove to make it max level 10 (level 9+10 requires ~1200 skill points)
  • Healing wave: This is now your main healing skill. Recommendation: level 15.
  • Healing sphere: self-heal in emergency case. Recommendation: level 10
  • Blades of Contribution: Upgrade for higher damage. Recommendation: level 25
  • Divine Strike: Upgrade for higher damage. Recommendation: level 25
  • Holy Flame: Optional, upgrade when you have excess skill points. Recommendation: level 20
  • Retribution: Optional, maybe just reset and use skill points for other skills. Recommendation: level 0
  • Escape the Wicked: Optional for PvP purpose. Recommendation: level 5
  • Consign of Darkness: The most useless skill of priest, the slow effect on enemies only works for 1 sec, not in sync with any blessing. Recommendation: level 0

Level 42+: Skill recommendation for upgrading to max level with the following order[edit | edit source]

  • Blades of Contribution: Max
  • Divine Strike: Max
  • Judgement: Max
  • Healing wave: Max
  • Sacred ground: Max
  • Holy Flame: Max
  • Healing sphere: Max
  • Other skills are optional, upgrade when you have excess skill points.

Class skill selection[edit | edit source]

Below level 35: Stick with the default skills that the game gives you:

  • Shield of Faith - Active
  • Blades of Justice - Active

Level 35+: Multilayer shield now is meta, dps classes just focus on dealing damage for faster clear. However, other class skills are useful for certain scenarios.

  • Shield of Faith - Active + Aegis - Passive: Meta at the moment, can block 3 times, immune to bleed, poison, burn in abyssal dungeons.
  • Radiant Form - Active: Rapid healing for poison or bleed stage.
  • Healing Nova - Active: Extra AoE revival skill , however the CD is 600 sec. If used with Healing Storm - Passive, the CD is halved, however you won't have shield skill.
Class skill crescent moon.png

Note: I use the Shield of Faith - Active + Aegis - Passive combo for dungeon. Judgement, Healing wave and the 3-layered shields are the main assets for you to farm more good equipment in dungeon and progress. I started and cleared the first abyssal dungeon (when the dungeon is still scaled with level) when I reached level 35 with only 4.6k attack power, most of the equipment are from quests with just a few A equipment from lower dungeons. The key is to heal and shield at the right time.

Class passive[edit | edit source]

It is important to know that healing cannot crit. Therefore, it is better to invest in HP, Def or Attack power.

  • Divine Protection: Extra HP and Def. Recommended for more survival
  • Inquisitor's Instincts: Extra attack power
Passive crescent moon priest.png

Note: The total points for passive is 45 and there is a bonus effect every 15 levels which can be view here. Personally, I don't do PvP much so I have level 30 Divine Protection and level 15 Inquisitor's Instincts.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Use a mixture of Attack power, HP and Def equipment. It is recommended to use Def equipment at low level to increase the survival chance and those are cheap. Once you have more Starseed, grab as many Attack power equipment as you can to maximize your healing and damage for daily quests. It is noticeable that Def stat has a diminishing value at 75% which means you should invest in HP or Attack power after reaching that value.

  • Diminishing value: with the same amount of defense stat, you get less % damage reduction. For example, to increase from 60% to 65% damage reduction requires 1000 Def but to increase from 75% to 80% damage reduction requires 2000 Def.


  1. Use +2 skill gloves to max out Sacred ground to get 20% attack buff because level 9+10 requires ~1200 skill points. You can change to Attack power gloves once Sacred ground is maxed.
  2. Use Def equipment first to see if you can survive easily in dungeon. If so, switch some of the equipment to attack power for more healing.
  3. Def > HP for more healing efficiency until your defense reaches 75%
  4. Accessories: Boost your attack power. The most affordable and effective accessories are the Necklace of Twisted Flower and RIng of Tencacity.

Here is my current equipment and stat for your reference.

Accessories and stat.png

Skill rotation and strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Skill setup for regional quest: Blades of Contribution, Divine Strike, Holy Flame, Healing wav

Field skill.png

  1. Versus multiple monsters: Ride the mount to lure the monster around and wait for them to gather => Blades of Contribution => Divine Strike => Holy Flame or Smite combo depends on the monster left over HP.
  2. Versus boss: Holy Flame => Blades of Contribution => Divine Strike => Shield of Faith => Smite combo and wait for the 3 skills to CD => Repeat
Combo2 photo.png
Divine Strike 3 hits.png


It is noted that for big boss, Divine Strike can hit up to 3 times.

  • Skill setup for dungeon: Judgement, Sacred ground, Healing sphere, Healing wave

Dungeon skill.png

The most important role of priest in dungeon is to manage the Holy energy so that you can use Shield of Faith for the party continuously.

Use Shield of Faith => Spam Judgement and Sacred ground as soon as they are available => Smite combo => Watch for the duration of the shield, when it is around 1/5 then use the Shield of Faith again because it needs a bit of time to cast.

Combo1 photo.png
Combo 1.png


  1. Healing sphere grants 170 holy energy while Shield of Faith needs 450 holy energy. Therefore, you can use healing sphere to control the holy energy meter. Healing wave grants 140 holy energy which can also be used if you don't enough holy energy. Remember to save at least 1 charge of Healing wave for emergency.
  2. Aiming Judgement carefully would give you an easy life. It is shown as a cross on the boss head and red cross symbol.

Final thought[edit | edit source]

Guild logo.png

Even it is quite tough at the early levels, crescent moon priest is fun and easy to play once you have a basic understanding on how to utilize the skills and strategy. I hope this guide would help you to have a better look on the playstyle and build of a full support crescent moon priest. Don't hesitate to message me through discord or in-game if you have any questions.