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This is effective PvE Ranger build ready to create massive amounts of damage with almost 100% skill uptime. Especially during current meta where ranger is extremely strong Crescent Moon Ranger is almost a must pick for all of the harder dungeons in the game. Crescent Moon Ranger is the exact reason why other classes are being bullied and kicked out of dungeons.

While reading this guide keep in mind that I am not making it very noob-friendly. If you do not know what skills or blessings do, follow the links and read about them, it is a Wiki after all. (While I was writing this guide, most of the links were red, be a cool guy and help the noobs and Wiki by filling the empty pages.)

Disclaimer: I do not claim to be the person who came up with this build, this or ones similar to it have been floating around a lot lately. I am just mainly using it and being kind enough to share it. If you think my build is not optimal or could be better, you have my permission to copy parts you think are correct and then submit upgraded version to Wiki. I don't mind being proven wrong.

Description[edit | edit source]

This build increases the amount of damage made by Double shot type of skills. The build also will not run out of arrows at any point.

Guide-Cresent Moon PvE - rotation.png.png

Combo[edit | edit source]

Hammer Shot . While the path to Arrow Storm 2 also utilizes Double shot type abilities,

your main skill cool downs are often short enough for you to prefer Hammer Shot in-between.

Guide- Hammer Shot Combo.png

Skills[edit | edit source]

Class Skills[edit | edit source]

Erupting Arrow

Lightning Arrow

Tempest Volley


Class Skills[edit | edit source]

Flashbang Arrow

  • Fires an arrow charged with light.
  • Does not break combos even when used during a combo. This allows inserting the skill anywhere in-between the combo when it happens to pop off cooldown.

Choking Powder

  • Passive. Means that your rotation gets even more simpler than it already was.
  • Empowers Flashbang Arrow by reducing enemy's Defence.

Class Passive Effects[edit | edit source]

This build favors Attack power over critical, this is why your priority order is this:

  1. Heavy Draw
  2. Gifts of the Wild
  3. Falcon's Sight

Max out the Heavy Draw.

Blessing[edit | edit source]

You guessed it: The Crescent Moon. I have done a lot research on different builds and compared all of the available blessings and in my experience nothing beats Crescent Moon in PvE

1: Haste Max it.

2: Extend Max it.

  • Increases the damage of Double Shot type combos and skills.
  • Increases Maximum capacity of Arrows.
  • Double shots are the heart of this build.

3: Accumulate There is no reason to go above level 17.

4: Learning the Ropes There is no reason to go above level 16.

While trying to reach these levels, focus on getting Haste and Extend up first but get Accumulate and Learning the Ropes to around level 10 and keep them there until first two on priority list are maxed.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

I am not ready with my gear yet but basically this:

Attack Power > Critical Damage

If you can not have either of those, go for hit rate and equipment that increases Skill level of those mentioned above.

Rotation[edit | edit source]

Under construction. Basic idea is to use Mark and Tempest Volley off cooldown

The rotation is really simple and with this build will not run out of arrows.

# Skill
1 Erupting Arrow
2 Lightning Arrow
3 Rapid Shot Combo->Hammer Shot Guide- Hammer Shot Combo.png
4 Lightning Arrow
5 Mark
6 Flashbang Arrow
7 Tempest Volley
8 Lightning Arrow
9 Erupting Arrow
10 Lightning Arrow
11 Rapid Shot Combo->Hammer Shot Guide- Hammer Shot Combo.png
12 Tempest Volley
13 Rapid Shot Combo->Hammer Shot Guide- Hammer Shot Combo.png
14 Erupting Arrow