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Hey guys my name is Logizex and I play Bless Unleashed PC in Kuat Ran server.

With a couple hundred hours of Crescent Moon (CM) Crusader under my belt. I would like to share with you my guides on how to build a strong Crescent Moon Crusader.


- This guide is based on my experience and some input from the Round8 studio Discord

- This will also be more of a late game PVE build. But for new players it will give a clear goals on what you should build for

BLESSING : The Crescent Moon[edit | edit source]

The Crescent Moon blessing revolves around slash skills (Carve a path & Twin Slash) and combos with both of them receiving bonus damage from the blessing.

*It also gives the Head-to-Head (H2H) debuff which as of the "October 28th Patch" gives an extra 15% damage received from all sources including your party members.

*(this information is based on various testing from the Studio 8 Discord members such as "Silver")

You can click the link from each blessing to view the stat increase and the material needed to upgrade the blessing

Crescent Slash (Crusader) - High Priority blessing - This blessing is essential for your damage rotation. It gives extra damage for your slash skill and it increases the duration of H2H debuff.

Armed Frontline (Crusader) - Low Priority blessing - This blessing only works with the skill "Counterattack" which is situational. Gives "Counterattack" extra damage when enemy is under H2H, provide a small heal percentage, and reset cooldown of slash skill.

Crescent Trade (Crusader) - Mid Priority blessing - This blessing is a quality of life (QoL) blessing with combos reducing the cooldown (CD) of Slash skills and Slash skill reducing the CD of "Counterattack".

Moonlight Flash (Crusader) - High Priority blessing - Another essential blessing for damage. Gives extra damage for combos and Extra HP which is a good QoL

SKILLS : Combat Skills[edit | edit source]

The main combat skills for CM Crusaders is Slash Type Skills. Which means Carve a Path and Twin Slash with both having advantage and disadvantage.

Main Skills[edit | edit source]

Carve a Path[edit | edit source]

Pros: High Damage output, Wide area of effect (AoE)

Cons: Unable to dodge after the 2nd hit so you need to dodge early or stay committed (because the skill move you forward a bit, pointing yourself to the enemy's side will make you dodge the enemy attack while still hitting the enemy with skill's wide AoE)

Twin Slash[edit | edit source]

Pros: Only ranged skill for Crusader, 3 charge because of CM blessing, possible to hit 4 times per use (instead of 2 time normally) if the enemy hitbox is wide enough.

Cons: Low Damage output, because the skill have additional charges, changing channel will make the skill on CD.

Final Strike[edit | edit source]

This skill hits like a truck with the additional finisher hits like a second truck because of CM's buff to combo damage.

Furious Warcry[edit | edit source]

A must have skills for crusaders. Adds an additional 5% damage buff at level 5 for a total of 10% damage buff for everyone close.

Additional Skills[edit | edit source]

Counterattack[edit | edit source]

A situational skills that is effected by a bunch of factors.


  1. Does the enemy have single hit attacks ? Use Counterattack - only works on single hit attacks
  2. Does the enemy's attack have long animation ? Use Counterattack - with only 1s window to counter attack, a long attack animation will make it easier to counter.
  3. Does the enemy have damage over time (DOT) attack ? Use Counterattack - any DOT attack counts as an attack so you can counter it with Counterattack examples include poison, bleed, electrocuted, burn


  1. Do you have a shield spamming priest nearby ? Don't Use Counterattack - except when the enemy have DOT attack you can still Use Counterattack
  2. Does the enemy have crowd control (CC) skills like knockdowns and knock-ups ? Don't Use Counterattack - because you will still get CC'ed even though you counter the damage

As you can see Counterattack is a highly situational skills that is extremely powerful in certain conditions

One example of a powerful Counterattack rotation is using Counterattack & Carve a Path.

Dauntless Charge[edit | edit source]

Pros: Another hard hitting skills with a truck-like combo finisher at the end.

Cons: Sometime will "go trough" enemy if their hitbox is too small use target-lock to not miss as much.

Daring Assault[edit | edit source]

Pros: A good movement skills that is useful to close the gap with mobile enemy (cyclops, harpy queen), truck-like combo finisher at the end.

My skill choice[edit | edit source]

I personally will use Counterattack , Carve a Path , Final Strike , and Furious Warcry

This will provide a balanced offensive and defensive build and because i like counter mechanics in a game lol

CLASS SKILLS[edit | edit source]

The only class skill (CS) viable for CM Crusader is the Zealot's Fire skills

Zealot's Fire - Active[edit | edit source]

Zealot's Fire will increase all your attack by 5% by consuming your guard gauge periodically. The damage increase is a much needed buff for crusaders

Endless Crusade - Passive[edit | edit source]

Endless Crusade will help make Zealot's Fire increases your Critical Hit Rate 10%, and restores a small amount of your Guard Gauge whenever a Critical Hit strikes an enemy.

Class Passives (CP)[edit | edit source]

These passives open up once you have completed the quest, The Hidden Master, the quest is available after you defeat gideon.

Righteous Vigor[edit | edit source]

This passive synchronize greatly with the class skill endless crusade that increases you crit rate which means you will a lot more tanky from the passive healing.

  • Basic Effect: Restores 225 HP each time you land a Critical Hit

For the leftover CP point you can use either but I choose Inner Light for the increased Hp, Deff, and Agro

SKILL ROTATION and COMBOS[edit | edit source]

Optimal damage rotation:[edit | edit source]

Furious Warcry > Carve a Path > Final Strike > Sunrise Strike > Carve a Path

Use Counterattack when the enemy is about to attack and continue the rotation

Counterattack rotation:[edit | edit source]

When fighting against DOT enemy an optimal rotation would be

Furious Warcry > Carve a Path > Final Strike > Sunrise Strike > Counterattack > Carve a Path

reasoning for this is that this is a series of 100k+ attacks in a short amount of time, since Counterattack cancels the recovery animation of Sunrise Strike

COMBOS:[edit | edit source]

Combos are used when there is CD downtime in your skill rotation.

For optimal damage use[edit | edit source]

Image 2021-11-01 115015.png


For quick rotation use[edit | edit source]

Image 2021-11-01 115333.png


EQUIPMENT and STAT CHOICES[edit | edit source]

Lastly for equipment and stats based on suggestions from the user "Silver"

prioritize these stats: AP > Crit Rate > Crit Damage > Defense Pen

Closing and additional links[edit | edit source]

Here we are, at the end of the guide.

I admit I am not the highest tier or the most experienced Crusaders out there but hopefully this guide can help new players and veterans on what to build for.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on Round8 Studio discord Logizex#8484 or

SPECIAL THANKS to the more veteran Crusader Silver#6446

His guide inspires me to create this guide and I'm sure he will give you tips on not only CM Crusaders but also other blessings

You can contact him also on the Round 8 Studio discord

Additional links:

Roun8 Studio Discord Server:

Bless Unleashed PC official website: