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Gathering refers to a collection of activities you can do out in the open world to acquire resources that are can be sold or used for Crafting. These activities include Mining, Herb Gathering, and Tree Chopping. Gathering requires no tools, unlocks, or training. When you see a mining, herb, or tree node in the world, you can go up to it and hold the prompted key to beginning the process of gathering.

Herb Harvest.png

The resource nodes can show up mostly anywhere and will always appear on your minimap. They will not appear on the world map. These resource nodes are visible to everyone and the nodes are first-come-first-served. If another player starts gathering a node and you start after them, once theirs finishes your gathering bar will stop and the node will disappear and you receive nothing. Each mining and herb node is worth 1 resource each starting out without any additional buffs and you get 100 exp for each node successfully gathered regardless of level. Tree nodes are worth 5 resources and each gather attempt awards 1.

Ore Mine.png

Each node type is the same for the entire zone, but each zone can be different. The zone around Carzacor provides Iron Ore for mining, Lumios Root for herb gathering, and Thin Branch for tree chopping. As you level up you will be able to go to higher level areas to gather. The Ruins of Tristezza zone provides Silver Ore from mining, Breath Mushroom for herb gathering, and Flexible Branch from tree chopping. What items are available stays the same for the entire zone.

Tree Chop.png

While gathering you have a random chance to get additional items. These items can be relevant to the node like Ruby's coming from mining, or more general.

Gathering has a blessing dedicated to it, Touch of Lily'anthes. Unlocking and changing your blessing to this will provide additional resources per node and increase your speed at gathering. Their is also food, item, and armor that can provide bonuses to gathering.

One benefit of gathering that should not be overlooked is that a successful herb gather will provide you with healing. The amount is noticeable and can be increased by different armor bonuses. Herb gathering can be done during combat, so if your potions are on cooldown and you are low on health, you can gather a herb to bring your health back up so you can continue the fight.

While the first few zones of Carzacor, Navarra, and Gnoll Wastes all have the same resources, starting in Ruins of Tristezza and higher level zones you will see different resources. Gathering these resources has a chance to spawn a mob at the node after you successfully gather. These mobs are themed to the type of resource. Ore spawns a golem, trees spawn a treant, and herbs spawn a fairy. These mobs can be difficult depending on your level and gear. Killing them however awards some loot and a Breath of Lily'anthes. These breaths are used to upgrade the passives for the blessing Touch of Lily'anthes. It is the only way to acquire them as they are bound on pickup so you are unable to sell them. Should you die to these mobs and not be able to resurrect at that spot, the mobs that spawned will return back to their spawn point and fully heal, but they will stay there. These mobs are visible to all players on your channel and anyone who attacks the target to gain credit will receive loot after.

Name Zone
Iron Ore Carzacor
Gnoll Wastes
Silver Ore Ruins of Tristezza
Herb Gathering
Name Zone
Lumios Root Carzacor
Gnoll Wastes
Breath Mushroom Ruins of Tristezza
Tree Chopping
Name Zone
Thin Branch Carzacor
Gnoll Wastes
Flexible Branch Ruins of Tristezza

History[edit | edit source]

  • With Patch Ver 1.1.0, several changes were made to gathering.
    • The positioning density of Plant, Ore, and Tree objects is lower in the world and respawning interval is random.
    • Increased the maximum amount of obtaining items from Gathering/Mining/Logging at once.
    • Increased the material reward from a special monster summoned during Gathering/Mining/Logging.
    • The effect that increases the amount of obtaining items from Gathering/Mining/Logging by twice(Buff item, Bless effect, Event effect) has been replaced by an effect “Amount of obtained item +1”.