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Players can fish in the world of Lumios and immerse themselves into the beautiful scenery.  Gold and cooking materials can be obtained from the fish caught.

It may sound easy, but the fish in Lumios are tougher than expected.

To start fishing, the player may either complete the quest chain that starts with The Shabiki Who Loves Fishing[1] and ends with Let's Try Fishing, or purchase the necessary tools from the Fishing Tool Merchant for a total of 30,000 gold. The quest chain walks the player through how fishing works, and will reward the player with their first complete set of fishing tools. As the player progresses through the campaign quests and explores the world they will run into Shabiki Spottedfin Puller in different areas where the Shabiki fisher will give the player advice on becoming a better angler. See Fishing Quests

Fishing Tools and Bait[edit | edit source]

Example of fishing tools and bait.
Example of fishing tools and bait.

Fishing tools and bait are required in order to fish. There are 3 categories of fishing tools:

  • Rod

Rods with higher sensitivity provide more hooking time.

  • Reel

Reels with higher torque lets you pull fish out of the water faster.

  • Wire

Wires with higher tension allows you to last longer against the fish's resistance.

Bait[edit | edit source]

Bait is categorized into worms, fish powder, mixed bait, Special Cut Piece, and meat chop pieces, etc. Each fish prefers a different type of bait.

Purchasing Fishing Tools from the Fishing Tool Merchant[edit | edit source]

Fishing tools also can be purchased from a Fishing Tool Merchant using Gold or Regional Contest Trophies.

Regional Contest Trophies are obtained by completing fishing regional quests.

Getting Ready to Fish[edit | edit source]

To start fishing, all fishing tools must be equipped and the player must have bait.

Equipping Fishing Tools[edit | edit source]

1. Go to  Menu(Esc) > Bag > Fishing Tools.

2. Select and equip the fishing tools under each category.

Start Fishing[edit | edit source]

Fishing red bar throw range
Red bar next to character indicates how far bait is thrown.
Fishing Interface:1. Bait selection 2. Control guide 3. Information on the fishing area (wind direction and strength, amount of fish) 4. Hotspot (rare fish can be caught in the hotspot)

1. Approach the fishing area and press [F] to enter fishing mode.

2. Cast your line by clicking the left mouse button after deciding on the casting direction.

The power gauge will appear once casting begins, and casting distance is determined based on power.

3. The mark below is shown while waiting.for a bite

4. Once a fish bites, hook the fish by clicking on the left mouse button; however, be careful as there are both real and fake bites. Attempting to hook on fake bites will result in failure.

Real and Fake fishing bite
Fake (left) and Real bite (right).

5. In the case of a successful hook, press and hold the left mouse button to reel in the fish.

6. If the caution marker below appears while reeling, it means that the fish is resisting. In this case, the player must release the mouse button and stop reeling until the icon is green again. Continuing to reel in the first without releasing the button may cause the line to snap.

7. There are times where the bubble tells the player to press a certain button and drag it in a specific direction. These are more common with larger fish and dented chests. The player must react to them accordingly to keep the fish/item on the hook.

Fishing mechanic - drag mouse

8. The fish is obtained if the player succeeds in reeling.

How to Use Fish[edit | edit source]

Go to Menu(Esc) > Bag > General Items to view the fish caught.

Salvaging Fish[edit | edit source]

Fish can be salvaged at a Soul Pyre to obtain cooking or potion materials.

Pearl is a rare and high-value item rarely obtained from fish.

This item is used as material for crafting equipment and core items.

Selling Fish[edit | edit source]

Fish can be sold to NPCs for gold. The amount of gold varies depending on the size of the fish, its length, and rarity. Two Ocean Perch can be different lengths so they will give a different amount of gold.

Fishing Mechanic Icons[edit | edit source]

Icon Description
Fish Caution.png
Release the reel in button until the icon disappears.
Fish Pass.png
Indicates a successful catch. This slightly restores some strength to the line.
Fish Fail.png
Indicates a failed required action, or when the fishing line breaks. This reduces the strength of the line greatly.
Fish Controller2.png
During difficult fish reeling this icon appears. To complete successfully move the right analog stick or mouse in the direction it indicates. (e.g. Up for this image).
Fish Controller1.png
Indicates a fish has been hooked. The bottom right corner will be a brown sphere. Press the Right Trigger/R2 or left mouse button.

Line Condition States[edit | edit source]

While fishing the line can become strained when reeling in. The more difficult the fish, the more likely the line will weaken and possibly break. The line can also break if the required actions or caution icon are ignored. After the fish has been reeled in, or the line is broken, its status is returned to normal. By enhancing the equipped line in the Fishing Tools menu, the line can be strengthened to prevent it from weakening or breaking as easily.

State Description
Fish line normal.png
The default state White. This means the line is in good condition.
Fish line weak.png
The second state is weak, Yellow. While the line is still holding it is starting to strain and could worsen if the catch is not reeled in.
Fish line danger.png
The last state is danger, Red. At this point the reeling in must be completed very quickly or the line will break.

Fishing Locations[edit | edit source]

Below is a world map that marks all the fishing locations. Some are fairly limited, while others span a large area. No matter the area, as long as there is a prompt to start fishing, it is available and the same fish inhabit the entire area. [2] Click to enlarge.

Bless Unleash World Fishing Areas.jpg

Types of Fish[edit | edit source]

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Fishing Quests[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

  1. Prior to Patch Ver 1.1.0 the quest Learning to Fish was required to start fishing. This quest is now deprecated.