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Here are listed the most commonly asked questions. If you have a question, ask them at Wiki's discord or discussion page for this article, and they will eventually be added, if asked enough.

What is the maximum level in Bless Unleashed?[edit | edit source]


Is the game considered pay to win?[edit | edit source]

The game is not pay to win in the most common sense; however, by paying real life money you can speed up your progress over others but it doesn't mean you cannot obtain similar progress through sheer effort.

Can I link my console account to Bless Unleashed PC and play my character from console on PC?[edit | edit source]

No. According to Bless Unleashed PC support, you cannot do this and it's intentional. Console and PC are handled by different publishers for game distribution.

Can I link my console account to Bless Unleashed PC and use my cash-shop coins or gain any sort of benefit in-game?[edit | edit source]

No. The only benefit you get is player acknowledgement that you've played the console version and have experience playing the game.

I am at quest location but I can not see person I need to talk to continue.[edit | edit source]

This can sometimes happen due to de-syncing between client and the server. Often swapping the channel fixes this issue (Default key "Z").

The game keeps saying that I am in combat even when I have not even seen any monsters around me for a long time?[edit | edit source]

Game determines if player is in combat based on if they are holding a weapon. Once your character has put away the weapon you can mount up and do other things that can't be done in combat.

Can I reset my skills or are my decisions permanent?[edit | edit source]

Yes. Skills can be reset by using Reset Upgraded Skills item bought from Limited Time Merchant for 20,000 Star Seeds. The item will reset all skills.

After defeating Balrog in Battle of Beoran Questline, I stopped receiving campaign quests. How do I continue story?[edit | edit source]

That is where the story ends for now. The main story will continue later.