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Map of Estate
Map of Estate

Owning an Estate allows you to build structures and staff them with workers, directing them to produce various crafting materials, equipment, consumables and mounts for you while you're away.

Gaining personal estate[edit | edit source]

You will have to reach specific point in main quest to start estate introduction quest Entering Your Estate (the quest is unlocked shortly after beating Gideon for the first time at the Nightspire).

Estate Level[edit | edit source]

As your Estate levels up, more plots of land will become available to build structures on.

Features[edit | edit source]

Estate storage[edit | edit source]

You can store up to 24 items in your estate storage.

Mail box[edit | edit source]

A regular Mail box which can be easily visited by going into estate and then leaving again.

Workers and Artisans[edit | edit source]

A random selection of Workers and Artisans looking for employment will appear in your Tavern each day. You can cause new laborers to appear more quickly by spending Star Seeds.

Workers can be hired for an initial payment of gold, and require wages to produce batches of items for you on your Estate.

Buildings[edit | edit source]

You can build new Estate buildings by interacting with the signs near empty plots of land on the Estate. Signs next to the plots will indicate which kind of structures can be built there.

Estate's buildings can be upgraded by using Blueprints and the appropriate crafting materials. Upgrading a structure increases how long you can assign laborers and how many laborers you can assign at once.

Blueprints for upgrading structures can be found while adventuring. Estate construction materials can be purchased from the Estate Merchant or produced at an Orchard or a Mine.

You can have multiple structures of same kind on your Estate.

Mine[edit | edit source]

Orchard[edit | edit source]

Tavern[edit | edit source]

Your Tavern grows in proportion to your Estate Level, increasing the number of laborers that appear each time it refreshes.

Animal Pen[edit | edit source]

Captured animals can be placed into the Animal Pen to produce mounts or crafting materials.

Read more about taming.

Decorations[edit | edit source]

Estate has specified spots where the estate owner can plant decorations.

Gallery of Decorations[edit | edit source]

Wagon 1 Estate decoration.png Wagon 2 Estate decoration.png Wagon 3 Estate decoration Pig Estate Decoration.png
Estate Decoration 5.png Bush 3 Estate Decoration.png Lion Statue.png Angel Statue.png
Territory Object Fishing01 M3.png Territory Object Lamp01C M3.png Territory Object Lamp1.png Territory Object Lamp01E M3.png
Territory Object Lamp01D M3.png Territory Object Bonfire01 B M3.png Territory Object Fountain02C M3.png Territory Object Topiary01B M2.png
Territory Object Topiary02C M2.png Territory Object Topiary02B M2.png Territory Object Topiary02A M2.png Territory Object Topiary01D M2.png
Territory Object Topiary01C M2.png Territory Object Topiary01A M2.png Territory Object Lamp01A M2.png Territory Object Fountain01C M2.png
Territory Object Statue01C M2.png Territory Object Lamp01B M2.png Territory Object Fountain03 M2.png Territory Object FlowerPot01A M2.png
Territory Object FlowerPot01B M2.png Territory Object Snowman A01 M4.png Territory Object ChrreyTree01A M5.png Territory Object RiceCake01 M5.png
Territory Object ChrreyTreeCut01 M5.png Territory Object WinterEventTree M4.png Territory Object TeddyBear M4.png Territory Object WoodSwing M3.png
Territory Object Snowman01 M4.png Territory Object RaccoonDog B01 M4.png Territory Object PolarBearB B01 M4.png Territory Object Object XmasBoxA M4.png
Territory Object GoldCase M4.png