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Equipment is what the player's character wears for combat which can increase character stats such as Attack, and Defense.

Some equipment also contain unique effects that increases the character's overall stats, and can often be found with a special enhancement that provides a buff to a specific class skill's level. Additionally, Equipment can contain Runes which allows even more items to be equipped when matching the Rune requirements to unlock even more bonuses to empower one's character.

Equipment can be viewed by performing the the following:

  1. Main Menu (ESC)
  2. Selecting "Bag" (or pressing Hotkey “i” on keyboard)
  3. Highlighting the equipment marked with an "E" is the very equipment you have equipped
NOTE: Gear bonuses aggregated to a single page can be viewed by pressing the Hotkey "TAB" on a keyboard when viewing your "Bag" (inventory).

Main Equipment Attributes[edit | edit source]


Tier S A B C D E
Required Level 35 25 18 10 3 1


From least to greatest it goes as followed:

Common  ▶  Uncommon  ▶  Rare  ▶  Epic  ▶  Legendary  ▶  Mythic

Gear Score

Determined by the tier, equipment grade, and fortification level, gear score is often required for some quests and dungeons.

Fortification Level

Also known as enhancement level, the Fortification Level determines the equipment’s level of fortitude which can enhance the base stats provided by the piece of gear being subjected to fortification.

NOTE: Equipment can be failstacked/enhanced to increase gear tier thus increasing gear grade which further increases how powerful a piece of gear can be for a player's character.

Unbind Item

When an item becomes equipped, it becomes bound to the character it was equipped on which prevents the item from being sold on the marketplace. There are unbind scrolls which can be purchased that reverses this action but there is a limit number of times this can be done before the item is permanently bound. (not all pieces of equipment has a way to unbind it from a character.)

Runes[edit | edit source]

Runes that are on equipment pieces allows for the rune requirements upon jewelry to be unlocked based on the type of runes the jewelry needs and the amount of those runes which may be necessary to unlock specific jewelry pieces. Jewelry that has been unlocked allows even more bonus stats for your character. With this said, runes provide specific bonuses themselves and the type of bonus gained is based on the color of the runes on your gear.

Red Runes: Attack / Potion Cooldown / Penetration / Quicker Gathering Time / Quicker Mining Time

Purple Runes: PvP Attack / EXP Gain / Gold Gain

Yellow: Defense / Potion Healing Amount / Lunchbox Buff Duration

White: Crit Rate / Crit DMG / Soulpyre HP Recovery / Potion Buff Duration / PvP Defense

Green: Max HP / Gathering HP Recovery