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Elite bosses are advanced monsters designed to be fought against with groups of players. They can be found in various locations in most open world zones and are mainly roaming their designated location.

Their health scales based on how many players are around them when engaging to fight.

List of Elite Bosses[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of elite bosses along with a map where you can find them, and their general location on said map.

Name Map Location Respawn timer
Volcanic Wyvern Zenkala Mining Sector 2
Stonescale Wyvern Tomb of Avarice
Thunder Wyvern Stonemoss Lake
Divine Shieldmaiden Carzacor Western Hills 2 minutes
Wandering Mountain Giant Southern Carzacor Outskirts, Alicorno Forest 2 minutes
Corrupted Treant Castra Magnus 2 minutes
Undead Gladiator The Ancient Amphitheater 40 seconds
Sunpiercer Navarra Barrens near Navarran Military Camp. 7 minutes
Dustwind Bandit Champion Small oasis near Navarran Military Camp. 7 minutes
Stone Zephyr Near the entrance of Outlaw Fortress. 7 minutes
Greenwarden Gnoll Wastes The Lost City 9 minutes
Stone Zephyr South-east of Roughclaw Village 9 minutes
Kobold Foreman North of Ragemane Village 9 minutes
Desert Flame Giant Center of Gnoll Wastes, Drysand Barrens 9 minutes
Noxious Ghoul Ruins of Tristezza South-east of Rift Survey Camp 12 minutes
Black Knight Ruins of Sorrow 12 minutes
Revived Murderer North-east of Rift Survey Camp 12 minutes
Lesser Frost Giant North of Ruins of Sorrow
Emissary of Flame Timeless Jungle Altar of Flames
Jadeshell Pagar Warrior Oathkeeper Bosk
Mecha Boxer Stardust Crater
Desert Flame Giant Eidolon Forest Rabin Village
Wandering Mountain Giant Egil Farm
Specimen - MX0206 Ancient Ruin Digsite
Bloodband Raider Captain Ostium Redshroom Valley
Steelspine Pagar Warrior The Skittering Forest (West)
Kobold Foreman Ostium Quarry
Dragonnnewt Blademaster Starlight Theater Encampment
Wolf King Sperios Pasture's Crossing
Cool Banum Tremont Plains
Knight of Regret Beoran Garden of Nightmares
Stone Zephyr Sorrow's Path
Executioner Mantis East of Sorrow's End
Deathtail Sovereign Ivory Dunes Chittering Cavern
Desert Marauder East of Energy Tower Telepost