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Once immortal, the elves lived in peace. After the tragedy of The Breaking, the elves were forced to join forces with the other races for their own survival.

Lore[edit | edit source]

THE ANCIENT ELVES[edit | edit source]

The elves are the oldest living race on Lumios. Protected by the World Tree, Lily’anthes, they lived with little worry, focusing their lives on the arts, music, and magical studies. The population of the immortal elves remained small as they saw little need to propagate.

THE RISE OF HUMANS[edit | edit source]

After humanity’s “Dark Age” some elves joined the Old Empire, seeking to forge a peaceful bond with the newer, pragmatic race. In time, the elves began teaching humankind the ways of magic to strengthen their relationship. Their generosity however, became their downfall as the ambitious humans eventually became jealous of the masterful and magically-inclined elves.

THE BURNING TREE[edit | edit source]

The elves' greatest failure was not teaching the dangers of darker magic to the humans. In time, a group of humanity’s magic scholars from Ordo University stumbled upon a forbidden magic. Believing they had finally surpassed their elven instructors, they delved deep into this forbidden magic, eventually bringing about The Breaking. During The Breaking, the World Tree Lily’anthes was permanently wounded and has since been burning in inextinguishable flames from another world. Then, the immortality of the elves was lost forever.

Spurred on by the need for their race to survive, the elven populace has grown since the disaster of The Breaking. Searching for ways to heal the World Tree, the elves spread out from their secluded home. In the centuries since, they have adapted to their new environments and evolved into several offshoot races.