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There are 5 classes in Bless Unleashed:

Berserker[edit | edit source]

Berserkers are gentle giants who are brutal and savage in front of their enemies. Fearless warriors capable of wreaking havoc on the battlefield, Berserkers employ attacks that affect a wide area to help defeat multiple enemies with ease.  Armed with a massive two-handed weapon and lust for carnage, Berserkers tend to rush headlong towards the enemy with little concern for their well-being.

In the past, the Vargs rushed to the Nightspire in anger to expel chaos. Some records say that while fighting with the beings of chaos on the battlefield, the furious Vargs also wiped out many humans. After the Breaking, the Vargs mastered the way to deal with their anger, and are no longer a hindrance on the battlefield.

Today, the Varg Berserkers travel around the world as warriors and watchdogs, protecting their home from other foolish races.

Style: Melee.

Primary Weapon: Axe.

Race: Varg.

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Crusader[edit | edit source]

Crusaders are the unrivaled champions of the battlefield. Armed with a sword and shield, they have proven themselves to be the main force in combat through countless fights. The source of their strength lies in the balance between their attack power and defense, making them advantageous in long battles.

The army of the Old Empire was more powerful than ever with each city united. The weapons and combat styles of the past are now the basis of the crusader's tactics today.

Style: Melee.

Primary Weapon: Sword.

Race: Human and Ippin

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Priest[edit | edit source]

Priests are the best when it comes to protecting and supporting their allies. Their sacred power was granted in return for serving the gods, and they employ both anger and mercy in order to claim victory in battle. In the past, priests simply worshipped the gods and guided people according to their faith. However, this all changed with the "Nightspire." Priests now roam the land, bringing judgement to those who harm the people of Lumios.

Style: Ranged.

Primary Weapon: Staff.

Race: Human and Ippin.

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Mage[edit | edit source]

With their mysterious ability, mages are able to inflict massive damage to their enemies. Their arcane and elemental magic causes even the earth to tremble as enemies fall one by one at their feet. Sometimes even the mages themselves fear their own mystical and infinite power because this was the magic first used by the ancient race of the elves.

The elves were able to study and perfect their magic over the centuries because back then, they were still immortal. Eventually, some of them taught the humans the secret of magic. This secret was kept by all the early magic wielding humans who marked the beginning of human mages.

Style: Ranged.

Primary Weapon: Wand.

Races: Human and Elf.

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Ranger[edit | edit source]

Rangers use the bow and arrow to dominate the battlefield while maintaining distance from their enemies. During the days of the Old Empire, rangers traversed the continent as scouts and spies, obtaining information used to advise the Empire's leaders or secretly join battles. Their deadly bow, arrows and assortment of traps and snares effectively keep opponents at bay until the battle is won.

Style: Ranged.

Primary Weapon: Longbow.

Race: Elf.

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