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Carzacor is a harbor city nestled between vast golden fields and high mountains.

The region is ruled by representatives from four noble families.

The city was once known as “the breadbasket of the Federation” because of its famous golden wheat fields, however that has all changed now that famine has struck the Carzacor after the Faceless kidnapped the Professor Vetino of Ordo University and misused his fertilizer research.

Location of Soul Pyres, Teleposts, and Key Places[edit | edit source]

Important locations of Carzacor
Important locations of Carzacor

Reputation Faction[edit | edit source]

The best university of the federation of Sperios (in Carzacor).

The Ordo university explores and studies all manner of natural and magical phenomena.

Its students can be found all over Lumios, risking their lives in the never-ending pursuit of knowledge.

Elite Bosses[edit | edit source]

List of Elite Bosses in Carzacor.
Name Location
Divine Shieldmaiden Western Hills
Wandering Mountain Giant Southern Carzacor Outskirts, West of Unicorn Watchers
Corrupted Treant Castra Magnus
Undead Gladiator The Ancient Amphitheater
Messenger of the Void Castra Magnus

Unique Boss[edit | edit source]

Grassland Giant is the unique boss of Carzacor. It is located near Ribus River.

Mutated Unique Boss[edit | edit source]

Twisted Void Grasslands Giant