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Campaigns are main quests of Bless Unleashed.

Currently the game has six main campaigns, starting from level 10.

Campaigns are chapters in the story of Bless Unleashed, visible in the Campaigns section of the main menu. By unlocking new Campaigns, you gain access to new Campaign Quests.

Campaigns grant rewards for completing game content. This includes not only the blue Campaign Quests, but things like Side Quests, Dungeons and Trials.

List of campaigns[edit | edit source]

Shadows of the Unseen[edit | edit source]

Suggested level: 10

The world of Lumios is troubled.

Fields turn barren. Thieves and cutthroats stalk the roads. Strange plagues sweep the land, forgotten rivalries boil to the surface, and the alliances that once maintained order are now stretched to the breaking point.

In the shadows, mysterious figures work to sow further chaos. They revel in this era of distrust, manipulating the scared and desperate people of Lumios for their dark designs. It is an age of danger. A time of conflict.

It is a world in need of heroes.

Dirge of Destruction[edit | edit source]

Suggested level: 25 - Cost: 50 000 Star Seed

Gideon and the Faceless have spread their corruption throughout the southern kingdoms. Every time you unraveled a new conspiracy or put down a deadly cult, the dark mage and his masked servants were inevitably involved, until, in the end, you discovered their foul influence at the very heart of the Federation itself.

Now the fight begins in earnest. Powerful new allies have joined your cause, working openly to push back against the Faceless menace. Together you must root out their evil from the southern kingdoms, and track it back to its source; to finally face the man who ransacked your childhood home, and to put a stop to his atrocities once and for all. Because your investigations have made one thing painfully clear: Whatever Gideon is planning, the destruction of Telarion was only the beginning.

Unending Conflict[edit | edit source]

Suggested level: 30 - Cost: 300 000 Star Seed

The Nightspire has awoken, and the armies of chaos once again lay siege to the world of Lumios. To close the portal, you and your allies must follow the clues left for you by the legendary Archmage Griogair, who first sealed the Nightspire and stopped the Breaking nearly a thousand years ago.

A Land of Legends[edit | edit source]

Suggested level: 31 - Cost 300 000 Star Seed

The vast jungles south of the Federation have always been a place of mystery and adventure. Ancient ruins and long-lost magic are rumored to lie hidden within their tangled depths, guarded by bloodthirsty saurins and vicious monsters unlike anything seen in the civilized lands to the north. It is no surprise, then, that your search for the lost vault of Archmage Griogair would eventually take you here.

But the path through the jungle is never an easy one. War has come to these primeval lands, filling the air with the sound of drums and the smell of fresh-spilled blood. Strange warriors roam its shadow-dappled paths, demanding ritual combat with any unlucky soul they meet. And beneat it all, a familiar evil grows: a darkness long thought banished from the world, now reaching out to reclaim what was theirs.

The Spear of Salvation[edit | edit source]

Suggested level: 33 - Cost 300 000 Star Seed

In the Ivory Dunes, only the strong survive. A land of windswept deserts and labyrinthine canyons, it has long been the home of militant desert elves - and isolationist nation that rules the region from its walled fortress-city of Madaan. Yet even these unforgiving wastes have not escaped the looming shadow of the Nightspire: The dead rise from their tombs.

Shadowspawn invasions appear without a warning and from their forgotten caverns beneath the sand, monstrous creatures emerge to feast upon their ancestral prey.

In desperation, the people of Madaan have turned to an ancient power for protection: an enormous weapon known as the Spear of Salvation, said to be capable of slaying even the gods themselves. But wherever fear rules the minds of men, the Savantis are sure to whisper from the shadows-and if such a weapon were to fall into their hands, it would spell certain doom for all Lumios.

Secrets and Scions[edit | edit source]

Suggested level: 34 - Cost: 300 000 Star Seed

The northern border territory of Beoran has nearly fallen to the Shadowspawn. Its lone village, Arduun, is besieged by an army of nightmare monsters, and its people hover on the bring of starvation as their fields are overrun. In the forests beyond, a new Faceless presence has taken root-a secret training ground for the masked agents of the Savantis, whose influence will surely spread like a cancer if left unchecked.

The local militia, led by the desert elf warrior, Merkia Vihara, has cried out to the Federation for assistance. Will the heroes of House Sorza answer the call?