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Battlefields are PvP content conducted through the matchmaking system where players are divided into two factions -- the Sen faction, and the Vos'Elan faction that are pitted against each other in combat.

Victory Tokens may be rewarded depending on the result of the battle, and they can be used to purchase various items from the Battlefield Merchant.

There are two types of battlefields, the “Red Basin (15vs15)” and “Warlords Arena (3vs3)”. Each of which have their own unique game mode and accommodate a different number of participants. Players must meet the required character level in order too enter each battlefield.

Battlefield Rank[edit | edit source]

Picture of Battlefield Apprenticeship Rank III
Battlefield Apprenticeship Rank III

Increase your Battlefield Rank by accumulating  Battlefield EXP that is obtained by playing the Red Basin during regular season.

Ranks can only be increased.

[Rank Levels][edit | edit source]

Apprentice -> Combatant -> Veteran -> Ace -> Master -> Legend

Battlefield Rank Legend

Arena Rank[edit | edit source]

Arena No Grade Rank

When participating in the Warlords Arena during regularly season, your first rank is assigned after going through 5 test rounds.

The Arena Rank score changes depending on your victory and losses.

Increase your rank faster by winning in battles against high-level players.

[Rank Levels][edit | edit source]

No Grade -> Barbarian -> Brawler -> Fighter -> Destroyer -> Ruler -> Immortal

Arena Rank Legend