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Performance improvements and tips provided by players and various other sources which are meant to help provide a level of optimization for the following platforms: PC, PS4, XBOX. Furthermore, there are tips which can further help outside of the game that may benefit players toward stabilizing their systems for Bless Unleashed. Additionally, not all tips may be for optimization but may even help people with their gameplay.

Performance Improvement Tips[edit | edit source]

  1. Ensure your graphics drivers are updated.
  2. Ensure your monitor drivers are updated because it can stabilize graphical anomalies and fix problems that VA/IPS monitors typically run into (if using a VA or IPS monitor) thus allowing better performance and detail.
  3. Check your monitor refresh rate and set it at a minimum of 60hz, suggested 100hz but more is good too. The reason why 100hz is suggested is because the game can heat-up your system quite a bit.
  4. Limit your in-game framerate to the equivalent of your monitor's refresh-rate or slightly higher (Example: 100hz would mean setting in-game framerate to 140 fps). The reason is because if your FPS is greater than your refresh-rate, your not benefitting but instead causing more stress on your PC which can increase FPS spike problems in more popular areas due to greater stress already being placed on the system. Reducing the FPS to the near-equivalent of your refresh rate will stabilize your FPS more when in intense scenes due to FPS restriction being placed. This is more prevalent when utilizing adaptive-sync/freesync/gsync.
  5. Setting your graphics power usage to maximum will ensure adequate power is being supplied to the graphics card thus can prevent some crashing due to random power surges requested by your graphics card from the power supply.
  6. If you have adaptive-sync/freesync/gsync, ensure you are utilizing it properly because it does work with Bless Unleashed (PC) and helps.

3440x1440 Resolution Settings[edit | edit source]

ROG ASUS ASTRIX 1080ti Tested Settings

CPU: Intel i7 5820k GPU: ROG Asus STRIX 1080Ti Monitor: MSI Optix MAG342CQRV
CPU: Intel i7 5820k GPU: ROG Asus STRIX 1080Ti Monitor: MSI Optix MAG342CQRV

The settings allows a steady 100FPS to be reached and on average about 85FPS with FPS spikes of around 120.

Empty until someone can list ways to enhance performance.

Empty until someone can list ways to enhance performance.