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Levelling upEdit

There are multiple ways to gain experience in Bless Unleashed: You can complete quests, kill monsters, run dungeons or harvest materials such as ores. However, at the beginning the best way to level up is by completing quests.

Sometimes you will not gain enough experience from doing the Main quest, so you will have to go around your current zone and complete other types of quests outside of your campaign.

You may not level fast enough to keep up with your Campaign quests (main quest line) without doing the side quests. Also, some side quests will lead to further information about the game and additional things you can do. For example, fishing and estate acquisition are found on side quests.

Check out Leveling for a more expansive guide.


Bag space can run out quickly if you do not take opportunities to check it during your adventures. One way to make space is by salvaging gear you do not need when visiting a Soulpyre to regain some health.

Be sure to loot all the chests you see on your mini map. Each one will give you treasure and a bag piece. Be sure to always have the bag merchant's quest active so it will signal when you have enough to turn in for a bag slot by also adding a quest completion icon the map where any bag merchant is located. It takes four bag pieces for each bag slot quest. If you return to the bag merchant with any multiple of four, it will give you all the slots at once upon quest completion.

Bag expansion tickets can be found under "Miscellaneous Cards" category in your Consumables bag section. You acquire these as rewards in the game by completing achievements and quests and sometimes they will first appear in your mail.


Mounts are a great way to get around faster. You will gain your first mount quickly while following the main quest. However, the game does not notify you upon gaining a mount. Your first mount will appear in your inventory and you have to manually enable it to your stable and equip it.

Keep your eye on your bags and see what kind of items you get while you progress in-game.

Keep in mind that mouse right or left click will dismount you because these are attack keys.

Once you unlock a mount on any character, it becomes available to other characters on the same account.

Keep in mindEdit

  • The game does not automatically tell you to put on the gear you get from quests or loot from monsters. Always try to keep track of when you get better armor to put on.
  • Your health regenerates very slow unless you sit at a soulpyre. Potions are quick ways to heal. Food will heal you if you have a safe place to sit and eat it.
  • If you wish to skip the dialogue, constantly clicking space bar is enough. Be careful of this if there are multi-quest options on the NPC to be sure you don't miss anything.

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