Gnoll Wastes

Located to the south of Navarra, the Gnoll Wastes are the barren homelands of the Gnoll and Goblin Tribes.

The land is stark and barren with the sole source of drinkable water being Lake Azos.

Map and key locationsEdit

Map below shows the most important key locations of Gnoll Wastes: Names of locations, Teleposts and Soul Pyres.

Gnoll Wastes map with key locations.

Reputation factionEdit

  The Ardell Traders.

A powerful network of desert traders and caravan leaders operating out of the Gnoll Wastes led by the "Merchant Queen" Jacinda Ardell.

The Ardell Traders hire and train a veritable army of mercenaries to protect their trade routes, as well as the exotic goods they grant access to.

Elite BossesEdit

List of Elite Bosses in Gnoll Wastes
Name Location
Greenwarden The Lost City
Stone Zephyr Near Grandis Stockade
Kobold Foreman North Ragemane Village
Desert Flame Giant Center of Gnoll Wastes, Drysand Barrens
Charlie Pepper Dead Barrens
Hector Wilde North of Leafwind Grasslands

Unique BossEdit

Unique Boss of Gnoll Wastes is called Bashal.

Bashal - Elite Boss

Mutated Unique BossEdit

Mutated Unique Boss of Gnoll Wastes is called Twisted Void Bashal.

Twisted Void Bashal - Mutated Unique Boss